New scam targets Sharp County residents

Thursday, September 6, 2018

A new scam has made its way to the Spring River area in the form of a mailed check and a letter telling the recipient they have been selected as the winner of the “AMERICA MEGA MILLON LOTTERY SWEEPSTAKES”.

The check, enclosed in an envelope appears to be legitimate, however; this is not the case. The letter begins with a congratulatory message to the recipient stating they have won hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The letter claims they have been contracted by the Multi-State Lottery Association to seek out the winners and help them with their claims process, claiming it is “mandatory” the recipient participate.

One recipient received a check in the amount of $6,960 to help pay for the “insurance, handling and shipping fees”.

It goes on to state that $5,600 of the funds must be returned and then a representative of the USA Mega Million Lottery Sweepstakes will deliver a check to the recipient in the amount of $343,040 once the “claim” has been completed.

A contact name and phone number is provided, however; if a recipient of the letter were to actually cash the check and send the money to claim their winnings, they would sorrowfully find that the check was a fraud, and would be required to pay back the money to the bank.

According to the letter, the “AMERICA” lottery’s offices are located anywhere but America.

Office locations include Germany, Hong-Kong, Ecuador, South Africa, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

If you have been a recipient of one of these letters or feel you might be the target of a scam, contact your local police department.

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