Morriston Volunteer Fire Department seeking volunteers

Thursday, September 6, 2018
The Morriston Volunteer Fire Department is currently in need of volunteers to perform a variety of duties.
Glynda Lomax

The Morriston Volunteer Fire Department is seeking volunteers of all ages.

“We are looking for volunteers [over the age of 18]. We have people in their 70’s who volunteer with us. We will happily take people in their 80’s that are energetic. This is an all volunteer fire department,” said Captain Tonya Armstead.

“We need volunteers who can do the work. We need volunteers with a valid driver’s license that can get a truck to a scene. We need auxiliaries who can help with potlucks, and who can fund raise for gear and trucks. We need trustworthy volunteers for scene control to do things like traffic control and keeping the scene secure. We also have just medical teams.”

“We do training in-house. Legally there are three classes they must take to start volunteering, but there are more classes they can take. If they want to take classes out of the area, we will help pay for that.”

“We pay fuel reimbursement on the calls they make. We supply all the gear. The classes are something the volunteers can put on their resumes. Volunteers do not have to live in Fulton County.”

Volunteering allows you to meet new people, learn new skills, give back to the community and, in this case, help save lives.

Anyone wanting to know more about becoming a Morriston Fire Dept. volunteer can call 870-371-3383. The fire station is located one mile south of Glencoe on Hwy. 289 South.

“It’s about the person’s heart and wanting to help others.”

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