Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Dear Editor,

As a concerned property owner for the past 40 years and retired to Cherokee Village seven years ago, I canít believe what a small group of people are putting the rest of us property owners in jeopardy of losing the amenities and probably will decrease our property value by issuing a law suit against SID, the City of Cherokee Village and a lot of other people.

Why did you move here in the first place, if you thought something was wrong? Why couldnít you have met with the people involved and worked with them to correct the problems you think were wrong instead of suing. Would that have been so hard to do? The lawyers are the ones that will benefit from this.

I believe, from what Iíve seen and the meetings I have attended, that all the people you are suing really, really try to do a good job and they actually work hard to do it. A lot of volunteer hours are put in by them. It takes a lot of time and work to manage a city. Can you guys do the same thing?

Youíre taking away the good intention that would have come into play in the next year or two with the increase of SID taxed or HMOs, whatever you want to call it and we were hoping to enjoy them, but with this lawsuit, the monies and budget will be tied up and everything the city was going to try to improve will be put to on hold and we could end up losing a lot of services we get now, like fire protection, police protection and so forth, as we wonít have the money to keep them going.

Iím hoping you guys think about this and work things out with the city and SID as weíre all about to lose.


Roxann Hadaway

Cherokee Village, Ark.