Sharp County 4-H’ers hold annual banquet and recognitions ceremony

Wednesday, December 19, 2018
All of the 4-H members who attended the banquet.

The 4-H clubs in Sharp County came together and held their annual banquet Dec. 11 at the Cherokee Village Elementary School.

Clubs represented at the banquet included the Hardy 4-H Adventurers, Ash Flat Livestock Club and Ruff Riders and Highland Rebels 4-H.

According to Chelsea Conway, the banquet is a time to recognize each member in attendance, the activities they participate in, leadership and sponsors.

Area club leaders in Sharp County.

J.J Pittman, U of A 4-H Center Director, was the speaker for the banquet. Pittman took the opportunity to share with those in attendance about programs, camps and other activities available to 4-H’ers.

“He talked about some of the projects he’s involved in. He said one of his favorites were when he got to travel to High Adventure and it’s where the kids go out into the wilderness and ‘unplug’ so no phones, tablets or anything like that. But they camp, zipline, hike, canoe; anything nature related. There are also camps for leadership or counseling. There is something for everything. Forensic camps, cake decorating camps, photography, art; there is just about a camp for anything and there is something for everyone.”

Special recognition awards were also given out including the Junior 4-H’er of the year, Moriah Vougt, 10 and Senior 4-Her, Cayse Fowler, 15.

Junior 4-H’er Moriah Vougt, 10 (right) and Senior 4-Her, Cayse Fowler, 15 (left).

“Moriah is always willing to help at camps, helps with the Clover Buds which is five to eight year olds, she volunteers at the fair and is just the nicest kid,” Conway said. “Cayse is really active in our club, the county events and is also very active in the state events. She won third in the Ross Photography competition. Each county can submit four photos and there are 75 counties in the state and she got third overall. We wanted to recognize her for competing in those things and for mentoring the younger kids.”

Conway said others were recognized for their volunteerism at camps, the fair and other activities taking place in the area.

“We don’t really have a lot of awards for our Clover Buds, but we encourage them to come to these events so they can see what they might be interested in and what is available to them,” Conway said.

Banquet speaker J.J. Pittman making his presentation during the banquet.

For more information about 4-H or how to become a member, contact Chelsea Conway at 870-994-7363.

“If they contact us now, we can get them on the list for the upcoming calendar year and the events which will be held in 2019,” Conway said.

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