Two face felonies following attack on biracial family

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Two men are now facing felony charges in Sharp County after attacking a bi-racial family at the McDonald’s in Hardy and spitting on their children.

Jeremy Darrell Holmes, 38, of Mammoth Spring, and Alonzo Michael Holmes, 22, of Mammoth Spring were arrested in November, are facing terroristic threatening in the first degree, a class D felony; criminal mischief in the first degree, a class D felony; endangering the welfare of a minor in the first degree, a class D felony and disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor.

The charges stem from an incident in September when Hardy Police Chief Tamara Taylor was dispatched to McDonald’s regarding an altercation.

When she arrived, she spoke with the victims, John and Moranda Huff, who were with their small children ages four and six. The Huffs stated they had gone through the drive-thru and had been asked to park in the #1 stall to wait for their order.

After receiving their food, they began to pull forward when a red Dodge Charger occupied by the Holmes’ pulled along side them.

The male driver, Jeremy, began yelling at the Huffs and Alonzo joined in, yelling racial slurs at them.

“Mrs. Huff said that Jeremy then spit out of his driver window and onto her children who were in the back seat of the vehicle. Mrs. Huff said the spit landed on the face of one of her children,” the report said. “Mrs. Huff stated that she then threw her drink at them. Jeremy and Alonzo jumped out of the vehicle according to the Huffs and ran toward Mr. Huff.”

Alonzo then swung at Mr. Huff and missed; Mr. Huff then swung at Alonzo and struck him.

Alonzo then picked up a large rock and Mr. Huff retreated. Alonzo then threw the rock at the Huff’s SUV striking the rear window and fender just behind where the two small children were seated.

The window shattered and Jeremy returned to his vehicle to retrieve a knife. “Jeremy slashed the right rear tire of the Huffs’ vehicle,” the report said. “Mrs. Huff said that while this was going on, she yelled for them to stop several times.”

A third occupant of the vehicle, the wife of Jeremy and mother of Michael, “was screaming at Jeremy and Michael to stop,” the report said. “Jeremy continued to yell ‘I don’t care if your N**** are in there’. Jeremy threw a drink at the Huffs’ vehicle and left,” the report said.

The Huffs were able to get the license plate number before the vehicle was out of sight.

While surveying the scene, Taylor noticed a black smart phone lying on the ground near the exit. It was later discovered it belonged to Jeremy. Officers were able to make contact with Jeremy’s spouse and requested they come back to the police department to speak with officers about the incident.

Mrs. Holmes said they could not but would make arrangements in the coming days.

Three days later, the Holmes’ arrived at the police department for interviews. All three were read their rights and agreed to answer questions.

“Collectively, the Holmes’ stated they were in the drive-thru of McDonald’s and alleged the Huffs’ vehicle ‘cut them off’. The Holmes’ alleged that Mr. Huff yelled something then Mr. Holmes yelled back,” the report said.

They claimed more words were exchanged and the Huffs threw a drink at them. They also alleged that Mr. Holmes (Jeremy) “caught himself” and reentered his vehicle.

The Holmes’ further alleged that Mr Huff had exited his vehicle and ran to the passenger side of their car. Jeremy also claimed that Mr. Huff and Alonzo were facing each other and he re-exited his vehicle and started toward them.

They then said Mr. Huff “backed away” and the family re-entered their vehicle and left.

“Mr. Holmes told me he’s been down this road before and that he lost his trucking company and $345,000. He said that if there were going to be any charges to please call him,” The report said. “He denied that he was the one with the knife and that his son was who stabbed the Huffs’ tire. In the beginning, he denied that he had called the Huffs’ N******, but later admitted that he did. Mr. Holmes then went on to say several times that he had to stop himself from being more aggressive, explaining that he is very hot headed and was about to hurt them.”

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