A Fireproof Proposal

Wednesday, January 2, 2019
Miles Clem proposed to Rachel Jones Dec. 24 in Highland. Family and friends gathered together to witness the occasion as Clem carried out his plan to respond to a fake fire call and win the heart of Jones until death do them part.

There are few things more enjoyable then a well orchestrated proposal. When Miles Clem made up his mind he had met the love of his life, Rachel Jones, he reached out to his friends and family in order to help him pull off a proposal which will not soon be forgotten.

“I had talked to her family and my family and decided that the time was right,” Clem said.

On Dec. 24, friends and family hid inside a building in Highland while a smoke machine was turned on near the doorway.

Clem’s friends began to put the plan into action. With a few fire fighters, police officers and “smoke” rolling out of the building, it made for a very convincing fire scene.

After receiving a fake fire text, Clem and Rachel made their way to the scene. Clem suited up and headed into the building.

From the outside, it appeared as though it was going to be a very serious endeavour. Once inside however, Clem greeted his family and soon to be family who were waiting.

When he exited the building, the smoke billowed out of the doorway.

Clem dropped to his knees in an effort to remove his fire gear and Rachel came to help him.

Clem them pulled out a ring and the garage door opened to reveal friends and family gathered together.

“After a bunch of prayer and talking to my family, I decided yes. She’s pretty great so I decided I’d keep her,” Clem said with a large grin. “I’ve been planning this for a while. I started talking to people to get things in order, everyone in Sharp County but Rachel basically.”

When asked why he had chosen Christmas Eve, Clem had a fairly pragmatic answer.

“It worked with her schedule. She was off and I’d actually gone to her work last night and talked to the charge nurse and told her what I wanted to do. So, Rachel was able to get off work early and get plenty of sleep,” Clem said.

As part of the family’s elaborate plan to help execute operation “Happy or Crappy”, Rachel had been informed the families would be doing family photos, so she was dressed for an occasion she didn’t anticipate.

After she said yes, the families gathered together and took their family picture as one.

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