Sharp County Judge Kevin King passes away

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Sharp County Third Judicial Circuit Judge, Kevin King, passed away Jan. 18 in Jonesboro at the age of 64. His unexpected passing rocked the community King had spent so much time and effort striving to improve.

King’s work with area youth, not only in the court systems, but also on a daily basis, has left an imprint and impact which will live on for years to come.

In addition to serving in his capacity as judge, King also spent time volunteering and encouraging youth through coaching in baseball and softball leagues for 18 years. He also coached and supervised peewee basketball for 27 years.

Instrumental in helping to improve and expand the Ash Flat Youth Sports Complex, King was also involved in establishing the Highland Schools Charitable Fund which helps students with needs of all kinds.

Although most anyone he came in contact with, has a story to share, one community leader took the time to share an early encounter with King and how his actions changed his life.

“As a young child growing up in Williford, Ark. there was not much to do on a day to day basis. Mainly just school, sports, work bailing hay or whatever could be done to earn a dollar.

One day this little boy who thought he was a man, was upset at our security guard for not allowing me to ride my three-wheeler on the roads for fun. Feeling tough and after thinking about it, I walked across the “Ozarks Acres Landing Strip” and tossed a rock at a SID truck and was successful in breaking the wind shield of one.

Needless to say I was not a crafty criminal wannabe and the “security guard” easily found out and my mother was told. Soon after this moment in my life I had to go to Juvenile Court in Ash Flat.

As I entered the courtroom and took my seat with my mother, court was soon called into session. As the bailiff said “All Rise” out came a man in a black robe with black hair and took his seat. After some time my name was called and I walked up towards the bench with my hands in my pocket and stood before the man in the black robe. Back in this time I was not very tall and remember hearing the leather give a noise as the Honorable Judge Kevin King leaned forward.

The white in his eyes was like clouds in the sky. His deep voice began to advise me that what I did was wrong and how as a human I needed to make better choices in life. Judge King continued talking and his words soaked real deep into my soul. I left the courtroom saying to myself I never want to be in front of him again for being bad. That day forever changed my life and motivated me that being good is always better than being bad.

As the years went by and my professions changed I would see Judge King in town or at the courthouse and even in his office. I would always greet him with “How are you, Your Honor?” He would always smile and extend and handshake and ask me how I was and my family.

As tears fall around Sharp County this evening and the Third Judicial District with the loss of a great judge, father, husband and community leader, legend and icon; we should all be grateful for the many memories he gave us all.

With all the love in the world........

Rest In Peace Honorable Judge Kevin King”,” Jeremy Rowland wrote.

Funeral services were held Monday, Jan. 21 at Ash Flat Church of Christ. Read King’s obituary on page five.

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