Salem Cheerleader receives All-State honors

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Madeline Newman, a senior at Salem High School was named one of the 2018-2019 All-State Cheer members. She is one of just 20 cheerleaders across the state in the eastern district.
Lauren Siebert

The Salem High School Cheer Squad certainly has a lot to be proud of. Recently, not only was one of their members named All-State Cheer for 2018/2019, but the team was also able to participate in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Fla.

According to Amanda Smith, teacher and cheer coach for grades seven through 12, Madeline Newman a Salem High School senior, was nominated and selected to be an All-State cheerleader.

“Only cheer teams that compete at state are able to have an all state cheerleader. There is also All-State and All-Conference in other sports as well, but only if those teams compete at the state level. The state divides into the east and the west and in the summer time for the All-Star events. They hold the east and west games where the best of the best are nominated and get to go play,” Smith said.

All-Star names have not yet been released, however; Smith said in the past, she has had three cheerleaders who were selected for the All-Star squad and she has also served as an All-Star coach.

“It is a big deal for the east and the west,” Smith said.

As for Newman and her accomplishment as being named an All-State cheerleader, Smith said it could not have been awarded to a more deserving young woman.

“She is the strongest stunter we have on our cheer squad. Without her we would not have been able to do what we did and she is the only girl that can do partner stunts which means just her holding up another girl in the air. She is the only cheerleader we’ve ever had that’s been strong enough to do that,” Smith said. “She wants to go on and cheer in college and she is looking at three different schools and polishing up her skills so she has it down pat when she tries out.”

Smith said the cheer squad works hard as a team, which speaks volumes to their character as many who participate in cheerleading are competitive in nature.

“The girls are strong and they know who they are, but yet they are able to put aside their own wants and needs to join as a group and work together,” Smith said.

When asked why Newman received the nomination, Smith said it was based on her hard work, dedication, leadership qualities and more.

When asked about the team’s attendance at the Citrus Bowl, Smith said the team had an excellent year.

“They [the team] just got back from Disney in Orlando and they performed in the Citrus Bowl,” Smith said. “

While in Florida Dec. 29 through Jan. 1, the team enjoyed a working vacation of sorts as they practiced with nearly 800 cheerleaders from other teams across the nation in preparation for the routine the group would perform during the Citrus Bowl.

“They had a great time and they have worked hard. We have a good team,” Smith said.

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