City of Thayer holds regular monthly meeting

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Thayer City Council held their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Feb. 12. Council approved the consent agenda which included the January minutes, revised October meeting minutes, court report and receipts for January, fire department minutes, fire department expenses of $600, the January financial report and bills paid and to be paid.

The six-month financial report and having it printed in the newspaper were tabled until after closed session.

Tax collector Janice Tolar discussed the 2014 personal tax delinquent list. A discussion followed as to whether the tax could be added to other tax owed. Any decision was postponed so city attorney Jennifer Crask may research what may be done for the issue.

Council then moved onto the public participation portion of the meeting.

Bobby Romans addressed council in the January meeting about putting a gate across an alleyway. Romans was not present. This alley is a thru alley and is the only access to some driveways and is also used by emergency vehicles. There are also powerlines located in the area. It was determined to leave as is.

Representatives from Oregon County Ambulance District: Ken McKenzie, Tom Smith and Ernie Mainprize, addressed council about the electric bill at the Oregon County Ambulance building. They have been using the new building since July 2017 and were concerned about the amount of usage, according to the meter since it is an energy efficient building and the bill is running as high as the old building it previously was in. It was offered to have a new meter installed and compare readings to help determine accuracy. Representatives from the meter company were present and agreed to test the current meter.

Lauren Godwin addressed council about the Thayer-Mammoth Spring Saddle Club Arena. Council approved a year lease for the club with documentation of insurance.

In addition, the club requested permission to purchase two lights from the city to add to the six donated to the club. The additional lighting will help increase safety of events at the arena. The request was approved.

Before moving onto new business, Mayor Ken Cotham informed the council of two grants city grant writer Jean Pace is working on. One is for turnout gear for the fire department and the other is for a dump truck.

There will be a public meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 1 p.m. to discuss the grant proposal for turnout gear for the fire department.

Council approved to move forward with applying for these grants.

In new business, council tabled a decision on the pasture land at the Waste Water Treatment Plant in lieu of the city attorney creating a lease contract.

Mark Arnold informed council of change of address notifications.

Arnold discussed with the council the old fire car and giving it back to the city.

In other business, council addressed remaining funds from the water grant to purchase fences for wells, fire hydrants and a backflow valve for the fire department pending approval from SCOCOG.

Council approved two employees from the water and street departments with a total of four to attend a Missouri One Call meeting in West Plains on Feb. 21.

Next, a date for spring clean up was scheduled, which will be April 15 to April 19. It is asked that items be bagged or boxed and out by 7 a.m. No tires or electronics are allowed.

The citywide yard sale will be the first week of April.

Council discussed closing block 25 of the Mclelland addition in the Thayer Cemetery. There is a man buried in what was marked as 9B in 1980. However, it has been undetermined where this is because there is a 9A location, but not 9B. Options to further research were discussed.

Next, council tabled until after closed session whether to keep overtime hours or implement a comp-time procedure.

A request from Van Garrison to purchase new dump truck tires was approved.

The need for an additional file cabinet was addressed. Mayor Ken Cotham stated he would be able to donate one.

Council postponed a decision on court fines going back to the special checking account. This topic requires further research for legality.

Council approved the city clerk to attend the annual MOCCFOA meeting in Columbia. This included hotel expenses. Also approved was for Court Clerk Brent Collins to record the March meeting minutes since the city clerk will not be present to attend the meeting.

Next, council discussed taking bids for mowing of city property. An advertisement for this will run in the newspaper for two weeks. The deadline for bids is March 11 at 4:30 p.m. Bids will be open at the next council meeting.

Council discussed Oregon County Recycling Center requesting to increase the recycle fee by .50 per household. The request was declined.

Council approved the amending of an ordinance regarding vacation time and approved and adopted an ordinance regarding changes.

Thayer Police Department Chief Daryl Childers addressed the council about purchasing new police uniforms for the department. The uniforms being used are eight to 10 years old. This is in the budget and will cost approximately $4,000. Council approved the purchase.

After closed session, council reentered into open session during which the topic of comp time and overtime hours was postponed, approved the six-month financial report and for it to be printed in the newspaper.

Thayer City Council meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.

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