Motocross racing in Oregon County

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
The Ark-Mo Top Dog Spring Series 2019, was held Saturday, March 16 at the Thayer Extreme MX Inc. Motocross/Trails.
Renee Janes

A motocross track has been reopened in Oregon County and held their first race, the Ark-Mo Top Dog Spring Series 2019, on Saturday, March 16 with approximately 50 riders participating.

Participants included all ages of categories and classes ranging from seven to eight-year-old, 10-year-old and different classes depending on ages as well as women’s class, seniors, veterans, ATV and much more ranging from beginner to expert levels. In addition, one five-year-old rider participated in his first race at the track.

Kathy and Rick Thorpe sold their business in Florida and decided to open Thayer Extreme MX Inc. Motocross/Trails, which is located approximately eight miles from Thayer.

Racing has been a long-time passion for the couple and Rick has been in racing for 38 years.

The race track course includes a route across fields and up through the woods on the expansive property. They also have a motor cross track.

To participate, all the gear for racing is required including goggles, boots, flak jacket or chest protector, pants, helmets, etc.

Kathy stated they are hopeful the events will grow as sometimes they may have as many as 200 to 400 riders.

They are hoping to hold races every weekend, but right now it will be about once a month.

“We are doing a series with another track, River Ridge in Arkansas,” said Kathy. This includes rotating location with River Ridge as well as an event to be held at Santa Fe.

Other upcoming events include Scrambles and a Vintage Race.

Other features of the property include a score tower, an observation deck and concession stand on site. There is also a peewee/mini track, restrooms and concessions. The 40-man starting gate has primed the property for growth in racing.

“Eventually, I would like to do a little more with this place. This is our first race, just getting our feet wet and hoping everything goes the way it should, and everybody will come back,” said Kathy.

Kathy stated the property would also be a great venue for other events. One idea was for a concert.

“It is just good old family fun,” said Kathy.

When the track was previously open under different owners, national races were held there in 2010. Kathy discussed additional opportunities for riders such as attending the Loretta Lynn’s National in Tennessee explaining to attend, one must qualify, but children and adults from across the United States participate. At a race, participants are scored for the series and up to 40 people per class may qualify.

“It’s like the cream of the crop for amateurs,” said Kathy.

Entrance fee is $10 and ages eight and under are free.

For more information, call 417-264-2030 or check out the Facebook page Thayer Extreme MX Inc.

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