Fulton County Quorum Court JP vacancy filled

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
A retirement reception was recently held for road foreman Richard Frazier, whose retirement began in early April.

Fulton County Quorum Court met for its monthly meeting Monday, April 8.

Once minutes from previous meetings and reports were approved, quorum court members discussed items on the agenda. Advisory committees that met prior to quorum court were finance and budget, economic development and road and bridge.

The economic development committee is summarizing their top five ideas. They are gathering information on marketing strategies and commercial developments and plan to have proposals to present to members of quorum court at next month’s meeting.

JP Ray Matthew spoke on behalf of the road and bridge committee. He said the committee is still working on various topics including construction crews. They are also researching places to receive material and different types of equipment which might be beneficial.

Milan Novack, the Road and Bridge Improvement Coordinator, said the road crews are finally making progress on the severely beaten roads. “We are back on our normal routes. The only issue we have right now is having two graders down,” he said. They are currently waiting to receive ordered parts to make necessary repairs for one grader.

Once the ground dries a little, he said they have a source of creek gravel they can utilize. “I contacted Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and before I could get the words out to ask if we could go after creek gravel that was out of the water and above the high water mark, I was told no,” said Novack. He also contacted the Corp of Engineers, who said the gravel could be used. “We have a gentleman who has donated thousands of truck loads of creek gravel, we just have to get to it and we just can’t disturb the water so we need a nice hard footing to get our trackhoe back there.” Stockpiling the creek gravel will help save cost on chat.

He said there are nine projects coming up for the road department. One of the low water bridges in dire need of replacement is on Gum Springs Cemetery Lane. He said the bridge has become a high priority as there is water over the bridge with holes drivers don’t know are there. “It is dangerous.”

Novack gave Judge Jim Kendrick’s secretary Sara Tanner credit as she takes calls regarding road conditions. Tanner takes the calls and passes them on to Novack. He said they are also getting a lot of calls from the new hotline created for residents to call in road conditions. The hotline number is 870-895-3000.

During elected official reports, Judge Kendrick announced the appointment of Mammoth Spring resident Bob Wood to JP District 9. Wood has served on quorum court in the passed but his last term was in 1981. Being as he was appointed to the position, he will not be eligible to run for election of the position. The term will expire December 2020. Wood’s appointment replaced, Charles Kendrick, who is now the new road foreman, following the retirement of Richard Frazier.

Kendrick said state officials have said the Humphrey’s Ford Bridge project will soon be going out for bids. If bids aren’t being accepted by May, it won’t be any later than July, when bids will be accepted.

Several appropriations were approved by quorum court members: $766.99 – Tri-County Recycling Grant 3, $2,300 – purchase tires for sheriff’s office to be reimbursed through LLEBG grant and $375 – District Court/District Judge Council Dues. Fulton County Sheriff Al Roork had previously requested $6,000 to purchase a 2009 Jeep from the City of Salem, however; he informed the court he had changed his mind and would rather wait to purchase a newer vehicle at a later date.

After some time in executive session, Judge Kendrick announced there would be no action taken as a result of the meeting.

Fulton County Quorum Court meets the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Fulton County Courthouse.

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