Novak begins wet/dry county petition

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Since taking the position as the Fulton County Roads and Street Improvement Coordinator earlier this year, Milan Novak said he has hit a proverbial wall when it comes to keeping in step with his job title. So much so, he has decided to take up the cause of finding a way to bring more revenue to Fulton County.

After reviewing the budget, Novak said it is impossible to improve roads and streets without additional funding. He approached Judge Jim Kendrick about the quandary and the discussion began as to what solutions could be found.

I talked to the judge and he asked what solution I thought I had. I told him to launch a wet/dry initiative. He told me this was not something I could do on the countys time and so I am pursuing this on my off time, Novak said. I went and filed the petition with the courthouse at the Clerks office because that is where it starts.

Thus far, Novak said he has been contacted by approximately 60 residents of Fulton County since announcing he was taking on the project.

This weekend (May 11 and 12), I will be set up at Simmons Bank [in Mammoth Spring] to gather signatures. Im working on this on weekends and after work. This is the only solution I could come up with to help generate more tax revenue. We just passed a tax in December for the police officers, so I know another tax wont pass. This is something we need. I know there are a lot of people who are against it due to religious convictions and Im sorry, but if people are already out there buying it, we could keep the money here.

Novak said he still plans to pursue the wet/dry issue for the 2020 election, but is open to any solutions or suggestions as to how funding can be acquired so improvements can be made.

Ive created an e-mail,, and put my personal cell phone number (870-710-0237) out there so people can contact me if they have ideas. So far, no one has. But, I want to get this out there again in case anyone has any ideas. This county desperately needs least the road department does. Im not trying to propose a new tax, but if the people support it (wet/dry issue), this will keep the money in our county. The revenue that is generated could expand tremendously. It could create jobs and also, it would be additional revenue for the police because they had a sales tax pass, Novak said. Im tired of just patching roads. If we dont get some more money, it will continue to be status quo. It will just be the same thing over and over and I dont want to see that happen.

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