New addressing complete for Oregon County

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

As of Friday, May 10, the assigning of new addresses to Oregon County by Spatial Data Research (SDR) was completed and all zip code areas have been notified with letters informing residents of their new address.

For efficient use of tax funds, the county contracted with Midland GIS, a Missouri based company, for maintenance of the addressing. The county contracted with them for GIS services.

“We are extremely happy with the job Spatial Data Research (SDR) did, extremely happy. We really appreciate them,” said Oregon County Presiding Commissioner Patrick Ledgerwood.

Even though the project is considered complete, the county realizes there maybe some addresses missed for various reasons such as not having access to a house in a field with a locked gate or if an address was not matched with a post office box.

“Now we realize even though the project is done, there may be those that were missed for various reasons,” said Ledgerwood. Some reasons could be not being able to access the location of a house when field research was done or if an address was not matched such as with a post office box.

Those that did not receive an address need to contact the county commissions office.

A form will be provided for the process. GPS coordinates will be needed for the driveway, where the driveway intersects with the roadway and for the structure. Forms are available at Alton City Hall, Koshkonong City Hall, Thayer City Hall, Oregon County Commissioners office located in the Alton Courthouse, as well as Alton, Birch Tree, Thayer and West Plains post offices.

Residents receiving mail have one-year from the time the route was notified. For instance, the first routes, Couch and Myrtle, deadline was May 2019.

“If anybody needs an address, has a problem or concern, we will be happy to help figure out a solution,” said Ledgerwood.

The postal service will deliver for up to one year to the old address after the change.

“We would like to thank everybody for their patience through this project. It was a difficult project. It was a project we knew could cause some hardships here and there and we know it did, especially in Couch and Myrtle. We would especially like to tell them thank you for their patience and their help. We apologize, especially to those two zip codes, for what happened,” said Ledgerwood.

SDR was the second company contracted to complete the project. The county is in litigation with the initial company who began the project.

Ledgerwood stated the new addressing will be beneficial to the county, especially emergency services. “We look forward to making the system more efficient and hopefully it will be an asset to the county,” said Ledgerwood.

It may take some time for the new addresses to verify with delivery services, navigation companies and online companies.

Voter registry is being changed by the county clerk’s office. Residents will need to contact those they receive mail from to inform them of the address change.

The county has been contacted by companies asking for addresses for certain groups, however, the county does not give out that information. They are to contact the citizens personally.

“The commission would also like to thank the county clerk’s office, Tracey Bridges and her staff, for going above and beyond to try to get this right. They have a lot of other work they have to do. This was thrown in their lap and they did a magnificent job and we appreciate them very much,” said Ledgerwood.

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