Summerhill arrested in Sharp County

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Jeffrey Allen Summerhill, of Camp, Ark., was arrested in Ozark Acres by Sharp County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, June 7 following an incident at a private residence. According to an affidavit for the warrant of Summerhill’s arrest, Summerhill has been charged with numerous crimes: assault in the third degree (class C misdemeanor), terroristic threatening in the first degree (class D felony), criminal trespass (class B misdemeanor), DWI, refusal to submit, disorderly conduct (class C misdemeanor) and stalking in the first degree (class C felony).

In the affidavit, Deputy Bryan Buchanan stated he was responding to a call from dispatch about an intoxicated person needing to be removed from a private address in the Williford area. Summerhill had apparently left the residence, but was sitting in wait at the end of the driveway.

While at the residence, witnesses told Deputy Buchanan that Summerhill had revealed he had a gun and knife on him in “a threatening manner” to his alleged girlfriend. The homeowner confronted Summerhill about the threats which led to a physical altercation after which Summerhill was taken to his vehicle.

When the deputy spotted the vehicle described as being driven by Summerhill, he initiated emergency lights to which Summerhill ignored and nearly hit the deputy head on. Deputy Buchanan approached the vehicle on the passenger side, and noted when he asked Summerhill to turn off the vehicle, he had trouble with the key and then finally put the vehicle in park before turning off the ignition. Summerhill was asked about weapons in the vehicle and was reaching for what was later to be discovered as a loaded pistol, when Buchanan yelled at Summerhill to stop and put his hands back up.

Summerhill was asked to exit the vehicle and denied drinking alcohol, however; a preliminary breath test showed a positive reading for alcohol. Summerhill was taken to the Sharp County Jail, where he refused any further alcohol testing. The pistol and an open container of alcohol were taken from the driver’s seat, along with a box of ammunition.

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