Results of the 11th annual Cougar Classic High School Golf Tournament

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
The Highland Rebel girls golf team (Keylee Circle, Tressie Carter, AND Abby Kulczycki) came in first with a team score of 321. Keylee Circle was the overall low score medalist with a score of 100. Tressie Carter was the second low score medalist with a score of 105. The Highland Rebel boys golf team (Austin Circle, Nate Kulczycki, Aaron Henry) came in second with a team score of 278.

Boys Team Results

Pocahontas 255

Highland 278

Bay 302

Cedar Ridge 303

Shirley 313

Izard County 324

West Side 324

Viola NTS

Boys Individual Results

Jackson Hunt, Bay 82

Jared Erwin, Pocahontas 84

David Weick, Pocahontas 85

Logan Dunkerson, Pocahontas 86

Aaron Henry, Highland 87

Austin Circle, Highland 88

Gage Harris, Viola 92

Skyler Prater, Pocahontas 92

Nash Little, Shirley 92

Drew Foster, Izard County 94

Landon McBride, Izard County 95

Connor Wheeler, Cedar Ridge 100

Connor Suttle, Cedar Ridge 100

Reece Jones, Shirley 102

Nathan Higgins, Bay 103

Nate Kulczycki, Highland 103

Josh Weaver, Cedar Ridge 103

Cody Verser, West Side 107

Travis Gentry, West Side 108

Brenton Knapp, West Side 109

Hogan Little, Shirley 115

Tyler Hartgen, Bay 117

Tanner Fife, West Side 121

Dylan Campbell, Shirley 133

Carson Stracner, Izard County 135

Cody Oldman, Bay 136

Noah Stevenson, Izard County 137

Girls Team Results

Highland 321

West Side 333

Shirley 350

Pocahontas 381

Girls individual Results

Keylee Circle, Highland 100

Tressie Carter, Highland 105

Haley Gentry, West Side 105

Kortnee Finch, West Side 105

Kendra Harness, West Side 113

Madilyn McDowell, Pocahontas 113

Steffanie Howard, Shirley 114

Abby Kulczycki, Highland 116

Greyson Berry, Shirley 117

Trista Doty, Shirley 119

Emma Johnson, West Side 119

Mia Presley, Pocahontas 131

Abigail Finley, Pocahontas 137

Victoria Miller, Pocahontas 143

The tournament, which is usually a two day event, was shortened to one day this year due to all schools having Professional Development this week and the school year beginning next week for everyone.

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