Cherokee Village completes exercise stations for Tohi Trail

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Photo/ Lauren Siebert Tohi Trail in Cherokee Village now has 10 exercise stations for the public to use.

After months of preparation, planning and work, Cherokee Village Mayor Russ Stokes, announced the completion of the installation of the 10 exercise stations placed at the city’s Tohi Trail.

The trail, located on Hospital Drive in Cherokee Village was opened for use July 1, 2014. The trail vision of the city dates back to 2011 to offer an ADA compliant pathway and park area complete with restrooms and a pavilion.

Since the trail’s inception, there have been multiple improvements made, including the completion of the exercise stations.

According to Stokes, the idea for the addition of exercise stations was one he brought with him when relocating to Cherokee Village.

“Where I had previously lived in St. Louis, they had a park with exercise stations on a trail and I thought it would be good for us to have; to have something older adults could use. If you look at the stations, you will see they are primarily designed for older folks,” Stokes said. “Any age group can use them and it is a 10-station trail. If you follow the directions, you can get a pretty good workout.”

The trail was made possible through the support of several area businesses as well as grant funding.

“Through the Blue and You Foundation, City of Cherokee Village, Entergy, First Community Bank, FNBC, Sharp County Community Foundation, Cherokee Village Welcome Center, myself and others it has become a reality,” Stokes said. “Village Pride committee did the final stage of it and after we finished, we decided to place an extra coat of stain to help it last longer. We have received positive feedback about the stations and people using them.”

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