Recent arrests in Fulton County

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Between the Salem Police Department and Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, several arrests have been made during the month of August. Most recently, nearly each individual threatened harm or inflicted harm on the law enforcement officers on the scene, and one arrest was of one to be considered a “public servant” to the community.

Joseph Samples, 37, of Salem, was arrested and charged with theft of property, a class D felony. Samples was the Morriston Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief, and on Aug. 9, he took a check from the checkbook of the Morriston Fire Department without approval and purchased a 2002 Harley Davidson for his own personal use. Following his arrest and post-Miranda, Samples admitted taking the check and buying the motorcycle, in addition to other property taken from the fire department. Fulton County Sheriff Chief Deputy John Cawvey arrested Samples.

Kirk Hutchinson, 54, was arrested Aug. 15 and several charges followed.

Chief Deputy John Cawvey was patrolling the Morriston area in Fulton County when he observed a black four-wheeler driving erratically, and fail to stop at a stop sign. Cawvey initiated his lights and siren in attempt to stop Hutchinson, who then fled on several county roads, continuing to drive dangerously. Once the four-wheeler came to a stop, Hutchinson continued to resist arrest, striking Cawvey and other officers. Cawvey had to receive care for an injury sustained during the arrest.

Hutchinson was charged with possession of a controlled substance with the purpose to deliver (methamphetamine), class B felony; possession of a controlled substance with the purpose to deliver (Schedule I or II), class B felony; use of possession with the purpose to use drug paraphernalia (to ingest methamphetamine), class D felony; use of possession with the purpose to use drug paraphernalia (to repack methamphetamine), class B felony; fleeing, class A misdemeanor; battery in the second degree, class D felony; and resisting arrest, class A misdemeanor.

Blake Martin, 31, of Fulton County, was arrested Aug. 17 and as a result, received nine charges.

On Saturday, Aug. 17, around 10 p.m., Fulton County Dispatch received a 911 call with a report of an erratic driver attempting to run the caller off the road. The caller said the driver would pass them, try to run them off the road, then pull of the road and turn off their headlights and drive bumper to bumper.

Salem Police Officer Phillip Taylor observed the driver on Hwy. 9 and attempted to stop the vehicle. As Martin drove by, he held his middle finger out of the window. Martin continued to lead the chase on Hwy. 62, driving erratically and at high speeds. He pulled into his residence then began cursing Officer Taylor, who could smell intoxicants coming from Martin.

Fulton County Deputy Casey Brazeal arrived on scene, which agitated Martin further. Officer Taylor stepped in Martin’s path when he attempted to open the garage door for his wife, and Martin began attacking Officer Taylor, pushing him inside his garage. Officer Taylor was able to get Martin on his back. When Taylor attempted to handcuff Martin, he grabbed the cuffs, attempting to pull away and kick. The report stated, “During the fight, Mr. Martin began putting his fingers into Officer Taylor’s eyes, yelling that he was going to put his eyes out so he couldn’t see and scratched his face up, all while spitting in Officer Taylor’s face.

Chief Deputy John Cawvey arrived on scene and assisted in getting handcuffs placed on Martin, however; his legs were free still and continued to kick officers. Salem Police Chief Shad Overman retrieved leg restraints, which were put on Martin, who then refused to walk. Officers then attempted to carry Martin to the patrol vehicle and he began trying to bite Sheriff Al Roork, who eventually sprayed him with OC (pepper) spray. Martin eventually stated, “I’m done” and began cooperating.

Martin was charged with battery in the second degree, class D felony (x2); aggravated assault up on a certified law enforcement officer, class D felony; aggravated assault, class D felony (x4); fleeing, misdemeanor; driving while intoxicated first offense; disorderly conduct, misdemeanor; refusal to submit to a chemical test; resisting arrest. misdemeanor; and careless and prohibited driving.

Dennis Hutcherson, 51, was arrested after he was found hiding in a residence where Fulton County Deputies and Sheriff Al Roork were executing a felony warrant. Hutcherson had active warrants.

While Sheriff Roork was speaking with Hutcherson, he became angry and cursing at the sheriff. Fulton County Deputy Jacob Smith observed the conversation and said Hutcherson’s tone and attitude made it apparent that given the opportunity, Hutcherson would harm the sheriff.

Hutcherson was charged with terroristic threatening, a class D felony.

Spencer Langston, 28, was arrested Aug. 20 following a short chase through Viola.

Fulton County Deputies received information about a stolen motorcycle which could possibly have been driven by Langston, and a passenger, Billie Jo Cossey. Deputy William Fawcett observed motorcycle and noticed it had no license plate, therefore he attempted to stop the motorcycle.

Once Langston realized he was trying to be pulled over, he pushed Cossey off the motorcycle into Deputy Fawcett’s path, causing him to swerve hard to miss Cossey, and a black bag was also thrown off the motorcycle by Langston, which a pistol was later found in.

Langston drove through the school zone and around traffic at speeds approaching 90 mph. Langston ditched the motorcycle and when Deputy Fawcett caught up to him, he began to flee again, but then followed Fawcett’s orders. Spencer made personal threats to Fawcett while he was being placed in handcuffs. He then admitted to the ambulance personnel he had recently used methamphetamine.

Langston was charged with the following: Fleeing, class D felony; possession of firearms by certain persons, class D felony; aggravated assault, class D felony; terroristic threatening, class D felony; driving while intoxicated, misdemeanor; careless and prohibited driving, misdemeanor; operation of a vehicle with no license plate, misdemeanor; failure to provide proof of insurance; and operation of motorized bicycles regulated, misdemeanor.

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