Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce held a Blue Ribbon Welcome for new member, author Ezra E. Manes on Thursday, Sept. 26. Manes is an accomplished author specializing in science fiction novels, including “Entangled Species”, “Entangled Awareness”, “Transformations”, the 4-book “Third Moon Rising” series and more. Manes brings his knowledge and experience writing about space exploration in futuristic settings from having worked in the technology sector as program director for design and development of numerous advanced digital image and signal processing systems. After losing his wife to cancer, he has dedicated the proceeds of his books to benefit the American Cancer Society. Manes resides in Thayer, Mo. Manes’ books can be purchased at Ozark Classic Crafts Mall or online in both paperback and digital format at Pictured (l-r): Clint Wiles. FNBC; Frank Voldness, Frank the Computer Guy; Mark Huscher, FNBC; Ezra E. Manes, author; Laura Sackett Clute, Ozark Gateway Realty OGWLLC; Marc Herring, Ozark Classic Crafts Mall; and Ethan Barnes, Centennial Bank and SRACC president.

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