Housmann selected as new probation officer

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ariel Housmann has been selected as the new probation officer for Sharp County.

Housmann started work as the new probation officer in mid-September and has spent time reviewing files and determining how she intends to structure her department.

As the misdemeanor probation officer for Sharp County, Housmann oversees anyone who gets put on probation for misdemeanor charges. “I conduct drug tests, check on people, call them and see how they’re doing. If they’re not doing well I will call them in. If they’re behind on payments I will call them in and hopefully help them get back on the right track,” Housmann said.

“I am here to help. If someone is having a hard time whether it’s with payments or maybe they’ve fallen back into bad habits, they can come to me and talk to me about it. If they’re behind we will try to come up with a plan to get them current. If they have fallen back into bad habits we can discuss the options in order to try to help them to keep from having to go back to jail,” she added. “For example, if someone loses their job, we can set them up to do community service in many cases.”

When asked how she came to hold the position, Housmann said she had applied some time ago, and when the position came open, she received a call from Judge Mark Johnson who oversees the position.

“I know a little more about this job because I’ve been around it for so long. I have been in court overseeing community service,” Housmann said. “I have a degree in criminal justice and corrections and have always had an affinity for this type of job. I always felt like I could do it and want to help people to get back on track and to be accountable for their actions.”

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