Thomasville Community Center update

Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Thomasville Community Center is closer to full restoration with the replacement of the gymnasium floor with concrete over the summer. The girls bathroom was also given a “face-lift.”
Renee Janes

Thomasville Community Center is closer to being fully restored after the devastating flood of 2017.

Cost effective solutions are being utilized along the way.

“When the old floor was torn off there was a concrete base there that was originally the support for the wood floor,” said Brenda Bell.

Due to the expense of a new wood floor, a new concrete layer was added, which was sealed. “It looks great,” said Bell. She stated it is ready for people to play ball and other activities.

“The only thing we have yet to accomplish is the heating system in the gymnasium.

The floor was finished around the first of August, and the floor has also been repainted.

“The gym is available to anyone to rent to use,” said Bell.

There is a fee scale for rent based on the amount of space desired to use in the facility and for amount of time. For instance, one room is $25 an hour and the whole building for the whole day is $125.

Last year, funds from the Thomasville Christmas Bazaar and Bake Sale were designated to be used to upgrade the women’s restroom, which was accomplished over the summer. Bell stated the restroom was given a “face-lift.” “It’s whiter, lighter and cleaner,” said Bell.

The walls and stalls were painted white

Funds raised from the event have not been specifically designated for any projects but will be part of the general treasury.

One of the next projects to be accomplished will be to repair the heat in gymnasium. Some repair work needs completed on the stage located in the gymnasium. Sadly, the stage curtains could not be salvaged. They were saturated with river water from the flood. The valance was also removed because it was faded and falling apart. When removing the valance, in the center, the letter R was discovered on it instead of T for Thomasville. It was taken down and will be framed and displayed somewhere in the building with an explanation page placed with it.

In the early 1950s, when schools began to consolidate, Rover School was consolidated into Thomasville School. Because patrons were saddened by leaving their school, a compromise was reached.

“As the transition was made, an agreement was reached that they would retain the Thomasville mascot, which was the hornet, and would put the R on the stage curtains in honor of Rover,” said Bell. Senior rings also featured a R instead of a T. Those from Rover who attended the school, refer to it as Rover School and still do.

For more information about renting and to look at the facility, call Nancy King at 417-764-3701.

An individual donated a beautiful 14 feet long handcrafted farmhouse type table with benches, which will seat 16 to 18 people. The table is located in what is referred to as the “long room,” which accommodates groups and has been used for family reunions and wedding receptions.

“The room is ideal to host a family reunion or wedding reception,” said Bell. There are additional tables and tableclothes for use in the room also.

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