Students pray for injured peer; "Even Rebels need help sometimes"

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
A large group of students gathered at Rebel Stadium Oct. 7 prior to the start of school to hold a prayer circle for Brandon Dennis, one of the football players who was injured during the Oct. 4 game against Cave City.

Following a gut wrenching accident during the Oct. 4 football game at Rebel Stadium in Highland, students gathered to support one of their own.

Highland High School student Brandon Dennis was taken off the field in an ambulance and sent to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock Friday night. That night Michael Spurlock, who is a member of the Highland Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) approached the club sponsor, Blake Medlock, to see if it would be possible to hold a prayer circle for Dennis.

Working quickly, members of the Highland Student Council and FSC spread the word on social media and amongst one another to invite the community to participate in the prayer circle held.

“We recently had the See You at the Pole event and he [Spurlock] asked if it would be possible to do something similar,” Medlock said. “We had to get permission to use the field, but this was a student led event.”

On the morning of Oct. 7, students arrived at school before 7:15 a.m. and made their way through the crisp fall air across the soggy ground to the football field.

One by one, students began to fill up a section of the bleachers as they prepared to join in unison to pray for the recovery of their peer, Dennis.

As they stood together, Medlock read an uplifting message which had been sent by Dennis’ mother after she heard the news of what the students had planned.

“Brandon is expressing himself more; wanting the IV out and asking to go home... He walked around the halls of the hospital with me last night before bed. I was told the students were gathering Monday morning at school to pray for him. He sure could use some prayers to help balance his stomach out so he can eat and drink on his own,” Stacey Bodeker, Dennis’ mom wrote. “It’s a miserable experience to try so hard to get better and have your body tell you it’s in control, especially when the mind is healing for it’s own health. So many battles inside one young mind and body. So thankful for any help, because even Rebels need help sometimes.”

Once the message had been read, the students prayed as one large group, and then broke into groups of four or five to continue praying together for the recovery of Dennis.

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