Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District discusses projects

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Following the revaluation of properties under the Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District (SID) in September of 2018, the new assessment rates will be rolling in following the Oct. 15 deadline for payment of taxes.

Since the increase, the City of Cherokee Village has reported an increase in their portion of payment received from the SID and following a recent meeting, the SID determined rates would not be increased for this year.

“We haven’t done anything big yet because the majority of our income is yet to be determined by what comes in. With payments in September and October, we don’t get that money until November for September and we don’t want to start projects until we know what that looks like,” David Webb said. “We have done some improvement projects, with the Omaha Center’s Health and Fitness Club we did some lighting improvement projects.”

Webb said the new lighting was more energy efficient and the partnership with the health and fitness club has allowed funding to be freed up to be used elsewhere.

“Some renovations have been made to the to the clubhouse because after years of use, it was time to update some aspects of the facility,” Webb said.

Additionally, the SID has been in communication with a company out of Little Rock to look at the cost of restoring some of the pools in the village.

“It would be a major project and it’s not something we will do right now, but they have come and looked at the pools. They’re old and so Blue Water, which is the company going to come up with a plan and we will look at that and work toward improvements in the future,” Webb said.

In an attempt to improve the quality of fishing, Webb said grass carp have been stocked in five of the lakes in Cherokee Village and once the temperatures lower, game fish will also be stocked.

“It will probably be the end of October or first of November,” Webb said.

When asked for an update on the pending lawsuit against the SID, Commissioner Joe Waggoner provided an update.

“Basically, we’re in the preliminary stages right now. The plaintiff if you will, their attorneys are allowed to ask questions and so Mr. Webb met with them, the commissioners have met with them, a former commissioner and a representative from American Land Company have all met with their attorneys to answer questions,” Waggoner said. “We [our attorneys] will have the opportunity to depose Mr. [Mark] Kronkowski at some point, but that has not been scheduled yet.”

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