SCFB seeks names for memorial wall

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Betty Carter with Sharp County Farm Bureau is seeking the names of individuals of past presidents and board members who have served but have since passed away to add to the memorial wall at the company's Ash Flat location.

“We are trying to get the names of people who have served on the board who have passed away. We're also seeking the names of past presidents who have passed away and we're having some trouble contacting people because we don't know who all have served on the board over the years,” Carter said. “We're trying to find out and we're asking if any families know of their loved ones who have been a past president or served on the board of the Sharp County Farm Bureau Board we would like to speak to them.”

Carter said since the inception of the memorial wall, the group has been able to gather some of the past officers who have served, however; she is aware more exist.

“We're also looking for pictures of these people who have served. We have the memorial wall at the Farm Bureau Office and we have been able to find several, but we know there are more out there and we want to make sure we recognize them,” Carter said. “We'd appreciate any help and we're trying to honor their memory and service.”

For more information, you may contact Betty Carter at 870-283-6842 or Sue Billiot at 501-454-3617.

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