Cave City holds Cave City Veterans Park Monument and Dedication Ceremony

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Photos/ Lauren Siebert Cave City Councilman Ed Turnbough is pictured (left) unveiling the newest addition to the Cave City Veterans Park. Also pictured (right) is Colonel Allan Carreiro speaking during the Cave City Veterans Park and Monument Dedication Nov. 15. See more photos on page 16.

Cave City held a Veterans Park and Monument Dedication Ceremony Nov. 15 to celebrate a milestone.

The ceremony opened with a patriotic display and presentation of the colors, pledge of allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner.

Following the invocation, Mayor Jonas Anderson took his place at the podium to read and sign a proclamation and say a few words about the city’s newest park.

“It is a real pleasure to be here and to welcome all of you to Cave City...This has been a two plus year effort and it did not happen by accident. There have been a lot of people that have given so much time and an incredible amount of work to make this possible,” Anderson said.

As he pointed to the monument behind him, Anderson said there had been a great effort to reach out to veterans and ensure each person who wished to be listed for their service on the monument was able.

“We’re proud of the veterans committee, city employees, council members and everyone who put work into this,” Anderson said.

He then read a proclamation to dedicate the monument and an unveiling of the most recent addition to the park was performed by Councilman Ed Turnbough, one of the driving forces behind creating the park.

Anderson called Turnbough to the platform for a special presentation.

“This is a little something I’d like to recognize him for. There have been a lot of people who have put a lot of work into this, but Mr. Turnbough, when I was privileged to become mayor, Mr. Turnbough filled my then vacant council seat. One day we were talking and he talked about a veterans monument for as long as I can remember,” Anderson said. “He told me if he was going to come back on council, he wanted to get the veterans monument finished. I told him then, if he wanted to head it up we would find a way to get it done and that’s exactly what he and everybody else did. His father was a WWII veteran and this flag, is the first flag that ever flew over the monument once we had it up. In honor of your dad’s service, I’d like to present this to you.”

MacKenzie Moody with the Cave City Middle School History Club was then called to introduce speaker Colonel Allan Abel Carreiro.

“Colonel Allan Carrerio is the Senior Material Leader of the Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division under the Program Execution Officer for Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence and Networks, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Material Command, Joint Base San Antonio - Lackland, Texas. He leads a Wing-equivalent unit of 1,647 military, civil service and contract support personnel, acquiring and providing depot support for $3 billion in worldwide assets, with an acquisition and sustainment budget of $4.5 billion for the Department of Defense, national space systems and intelligence community,” Moody said.

Carreiro enlisted in the Air Force in 1986 as a medic and earned his command in 1996 as a graduate of Officer Training School. After spending several tours serving overseas during war time, Carreiro is now stationed in Texas. He is a 1984 graduate of Cave City High School.

“Serving our nation for the last 34 years has been an honor and a privileged. I will be speaking from the heart today.. According to the census bureau, when you walked out of your house this morning, there were about 330 new Americans because while you were sleeping, there were a few more born. As we know, if you follow the military at all, there are only 2.5 million American’s, men and women, who serve and that includes the guard and reserve,” Carrerio said. “That is less than half of one percent of people who choose to wear a uniform and step forward to serve our nation. That is a significant number and it’s very over represented in a community like this where much greater than a half a percent here.”

Carrerio spoke about the service of veterans and made the distinction between Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

He then moved on to speak of several Cave City natives who served and were still alive, or had passed away during their service.

“Some gave their youth to the nation as they served on foreign soil, some gave decades of their lives and moving their families every year or two. Some of the names listed today gave everything. There are 270 men and women listed here and some may surprise you. They may be people you know and didn’t know they served because they didn’t tell you,” Carreiro said. “It’s because they don’t ask much. They don’t ask much from you, they don’t ask much from their nation, but what they do ask for is your respect, that you remember the sacrifice they and their families made. That you don’t waste the freedom they gave their life for or sacrificed part of their life for. This monument is a good reminder and way to remember and honor that service.”

After speaking for several minutes, Carreiro recognized those who had served in the audience as well as those who were immediate family to those serving.

A 21 gun salute and the playing of Taps took place to close out the ceremony.

Those who attended were then invited to a luncheon at the First Baptist Church where a video presentation, words of thanks and more took place as part of the celebration.

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