Bakersfield teen to compete in world competition

Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Bakersfield High School student Emmi Tucker will travel to London in 2021 to compete in world competition.

Bakersfield High School student, Emmi Tucker, may just have gotten involved in martial arts a little over two years ago with Missouri Mighty Warriors under the instruction of Grandmaster Billy Farris, but she is already making a name for herself.

Tucker was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder at a young age that made participating in some sports difficult.

“I wanted to continue with athletics but wanted something that I could do more independently. I started researching and decided I wanted to try a form of martial arts. Martial arts was unique to me. I really liked the idea of being able to accomplish things on my own and reach goals at my own pace,” said Tucker.

When asked how being involved in martial arts has changed her life, Tucker replied, “I wasn’t great at most sports but with martial arts, I have always been able to accomplish something. I’ve had many opportunities to meet great people and my instructors have become like family.”

Currently a blue belt, 15-year-old Tucker has also had the honor and privilege of competing in the Junior Black Belt division and is a top competitor for the girls 15 to 17 intermediate division with the Midwest Martial Arts Southern Conference (MMASC).

“In June of 2019, Emmi tried out for the MMASC Team USA. She made the team and was appointed junior team captain by Head Coach Grandmaster Gary Wilden,” said Chasity Farris.

Tucker is training with Grandmaster Farris in Caulfield. In addition, she travels to Springfield and Bixby, Okla. to train at Team USA Headquarters as part of her Team USA training.

Every three months she meets with her team. Soon, she will begin meeting with them every other month and for the last six months of training, will meet monthly.

Farris stated Tucker works out with the local dojo at Missouri Might Warriors three days a week to train for advancement in American Freestyle Kenpo.

As a part of the belief Missouri Mighty Warriors and MMASC Team USA have of giving back to the community, Emmi recently participated in bell ringing for the Salvation Army in December and Emmi and her teammate, Levi West, of Osborne’s Taekwondo, from Dixon, Mo., recently participated in the West Plains Christmas parade and downtown tree lighting, where they performed Katas and held a small fundraiser.

The summer of 2021, the team will travel to London to compete in world competition.

“The team is currently seeking sponsors from local communities to help with expenses during this once in a lifetime opportunity to help with travel and training,” said Farris.

For more information, you may follow Emmi’s journey on Facebook where you may also sponsor and/or donate, or contact Chasity Farris at 417-372-4528 by phone or text or via email at

“We have both individual and business sponsorships available of all sizes that will also provide worldwide advertisement for business and the opportunity to send a good luck message to be displayed at the world competition for individuals. Along with several other ways of saying thank you,” said Farris.

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