Man sentenced to 28 years following guilty plea

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A Sharp County man pleaded guilty guilty to battery in the first degree and was sentenced to 28 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections before Circuit Judge Harold Eriwin Jan. 6.

The sentencing of Carl Ring, 32, of Cave City, was a result of an incident occurring Dec. 11, 2017 when Sharp County Dispatch received a 911 call regarding a 3-month-old infant, from the child’s mother, Allura Ring.

Due to a poor cellular connection, the nature of the emergency was difficult to hear, however; dispatchers believed they had been told the child had been dropped by his father.

When the ambulance arrived to retrieve and transport the child, he was unresponsive, pulseless and was not breathing. CPR was performed during transport to the White River Medical Center (WRMC) in Batesville.

Ultimately, the child was revived and transported to a hospital in Little Rock for care.

While at WRMC, investigators with the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department traveled to the hospital to speak with the parents about the incident.

While there, Carl Ring began to explain the child had been suffering from colic and would often be upset and cry uncontrollably. Something he said had occurred since birth.

Initially, Carl said he was in the process of walking to his mother’s home to watch the chicken houses. While on his way, he was carrying an X-box in a blanket in one hand and his child over his shoulder in the other. Carl said the child began to squirm and that he began to squeeze the child tighter at which point he stumbled, scaring the baby who leaped from his grasp.

He told investigators he reached and grabbed the child by the waist but that the child’s face struck Carl’s knee.

He then stated the child screamed and then stopped. He took the baby back to his house, at which time he realized the child had stopped breathing and had a bruise above his eye.

Following the transport from WRMC to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, investigators spoke with hospital staff about the condition of the child.

It was reported the infant had “at least two skull fractures, a bruise on the liver and a broken scapula. The doctor explained that the scapula fracture was an older injury that was partially healed on its own without medical intervention,” the affidavit stated.

The doctor advised the child was having a difficult time breathing and was having seizures due to the injuries sustained. The injuries were consistent with abuse.

Investigators later traveled to the hospital in Little Rock, where they read Carl his Miranda rights. Carl consented to answer questions and began to re-explain what he had shared with the investigators prior.

After further questioning, “Carl became very emotional and stated that his child cries all of the time and he had not been sleeping due to the child crying. Carl then stated ‘I hurt my son’ ‘I just wanted him to stop crying’,” the affidavit stated.

Carl then began to tell investigators that after he stumbled while carrying the child, the baby began to scream uncontrollably. He stated he took the child inside his mother’s house and put him on the floor and walked away.

He said he returned a few minutes later with the infant still crying. “Carl stated he then placed one of his hands around the baby’s neck and one on top of the baby’s chest and pushed ‘his breath out of him.’ He did this until the child went limp and lifeless,” the affidavit said. “The infant then took a deep breath and began to let out an ‘ear piercing scream’ like he had never heard before. Carl then pushed on the child’s neck, head and chest again and the infant started making a gurgling sound and then stopped breathing and became lifeless again. ‘I let off of him when I realized what I was doing.’ Carl then stated, ‘I killed my boy.’”

Carl said he had done this because he was angry at the baby for crying all the time.

On Dec. 18, 2017, investigators were contacted by a doctor at the hospital who stated she was in charge of the baby’s care. She told investigators about the two recent skull fractures along with the scapula fracture and explained that both injuries would have been caused by extreme force.

Initially, unable to do x-ray’s on the infant due to the seizures, the doctor said they were finally able to get a full body x-ray which revealed “several fractures which included a fractured right humerus, a fractured left humerus, a fractured right tibia, but at this point was unsure of the time of the injuries,” the affidavit stated.

The doctor also said that the humerus fractures were common among child abuse victims and were rarely accidental.

Carl Ring pleaded guilty to battery in the first degree, a class Y felony when involving a victim of four years of age or younger. His sentence at the Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) began immediately upon sentencing. He is being held at the Sharp County Jail awaiting transport to the ADC.

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