Fulton County Quorum Court holds first meeting of 2020

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Fulton County Quorum Court met for the first meeting of 2020 on Monday, Jan. 13.

A Gepp resident presented concerns about Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson's decision to allow refugees in the State of Arkansas. The resident expressed her concerns and asked, “Can we stop that and how? What can I do to help?”

Fulton County Judge Jim Kendrick said he was unsure at the time what could be done regarding the issue, but he would look into it and see what he could do. He also encouraged her to bring her research to his office for him to review.

Once a clarification was made by Kendrick, the minutes from three meetings held in December were approved. Financial reports were also reviewed and approved.

JPs voted to appoint Marge Rogers as the state delegate.

Several appropriations were made during the meeting. Judge Kendrick stated the appropriations would not have an effect on the budget. The first was for a grant for the Fulton County Water Authority. “It's grant funds to do with the expansion of the water district. They are expanding to the western part of the county,” said Kendrick.

Another appropriation was made for the clerk's office and two for the sheriff's office. The sheriff's office shifted money to pay for an additional vehicle. The second appropriation for the sheriff's office came as a result of a $1,400 donation from Stellar Construction to be used for tactical gear. “We got a gift from Sellars Construction Company around Christmas. He gave us $1,400 and said to buy bulletproof vests,” explained Fulton County Sheriff Al Roork. “ We appreciate Mr. Sellars very much.”

With the meeting quickly wrapping up, JP members asked Kendrick about the conditions of county roads following a heavy amount of rain. “Not as bad as I thought it was going to be with the amount of rainfall and speed. We are a little better shape than some of the other counties. They are going to get them taken care of. I'm not overly concerned,” said the judge.

Humphrey's Ford Bridge was also inquired about. Kendrick said Fulton County has taken care of everything on their end, the state is now tied up with the railroad and Sharp County. Kendrick said he has been re-assured through, writing and recordings, the project will happen. “We talk to them every week. I am sure it is going to happen.”

The Boggy Road project was also brought up. Kendrick said as weather permits, they will begin the project as quorum court has done everything they need to for the project.

Fulton County Quorum Court meets the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Fulton County Courthouse in Salem.

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