Middle East history classes at FBC CV

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

How did we get the Bible?

By writing on clay tablets, rocks and animal skins, ancient people kept records. In Hebrew, the word “book” means “scraped”. Skin a goat, scrape all the fat off, dy it in the sun, write on it with a sharp stick, roll it up and you have a book.

These “books” were stored in clay jars and, for privacy, tucked away in caves. For aspiring authors, the ancients had public libraries, stocked with scrolls from floor to ceiling. Would you like to see one?

A study of the history and geography of the Middle East begins Thursday, Feb. 20 at the First Baptist Church of Cherokee Village.

Dr. Diana Haselman brings maps, charts, reference books and handouts, presenting PowerPoint slides for one hour, from 1 to 2 p.m. on six Thursdays, beginning Feb. 20. The class is free and open to all adults. For more information, call 870-266-3131.

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