Donations to Cherokee Village Fire Department expidite equipment purchases

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Captain Kal Dienst with the Cherokee Village Fire Department said the department was recently on the receiving end of a generous anonymous donation which helped bring the department into compliance with upcoming Act 833 regulation changes.

“We were contacted by an anonymous donor who wanted to help us in some way. They had specified a dollar amount in the area of $9,000. At that time, Chief [Johnny Pendarvis] and myself were already in the process of researching a new washer extractor, which is a new requirement to receive Act 833 monies. Every department will have to have one or have access to one, in order to be in compliance. We had quotes on the washer and also the dryer specific for PPE,” Diesnt said.

The cost of the equipment for the washer and dryer made specifically to clean Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was approximately $4,500 per unit.

In speaking with the donor, Dienst said the department provided the information they had gathered regarding the equipment and were contacted by the donor at a later time.

“We were contacted and told to expect a delivery. They were shipped to us and we have installed them and have them in place,” Dienst said.

Dienst said other support has been given to the Cherokee Village Fire Department recently which has allowed for more equipment purchases.

“We have received other donations recently from the Highland Elks Lodge which facilitated the purchase of a positive pressure ventilation fan which we needed,” Dienst said. “Also, we received a donation for the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows.”

Dienst said through the donations, in addition to equipment purchases, the funds allowed the department to update the medical supplies kept on each apparatus.

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