Man arrested following stabbing; one hospitalized

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A Sharp County man facing multiple felony charges from an incident in March of 2019, now faces charges in Izard County following an incident earlier this month.

Jesse Hope, 20, faces battery in the first degree, a class B felony, after he stabbed another man, Sharp County resident Brior Dykes, during a fight Feb. 4.

According to a probable cause affidavit for arrest filed in Izard County Feb. 5, the night of Feb. 4, Izard County Deputy Rusty Ford received a call from Ash Flat Officer Tressie Powell. Powell stated there were five male subjects at the emergency room in Cherokee Village, one of which had been stabbed and was not doing well.

Powell told Ford the incident had taken place in Izard County when the subjects were back roading and two got into a fight.

When Ford arrived at the local emergency room, he observed an ambulance leaving and later found they were transporting the victim to an area hospital.

While interviewing the witnesses, Ford was told Hope and the victim were arguing when the driver pulled off the roadway. The victim and Hope exited the vehicle and began to fight. During the fight, Hope stabbed the victim afterwards stating, “I told you I don’t mess around,” the affidavit said.

Ford was told the stabbing occurred on Zion Road and requested two deputies go to investigate the area. Photographs of blood found were taken and placed into evidence.

The following morning, Lt. Gabriel Sanders with the Izard County Sheriff’s Department, traveled to the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department to interview Hope.

Sanders observed Hope had injury to his right hand index finder and to the left side of his head near his eye.

Hope stated the two were outside the vehicle when the fight took place. He stated the victim had swung and hit him more than once and “maybe he overreacted but wasn’t going to have his head split open again,” the affidavit said.

As the interview continued, Hope stated he did not know the other males that were riding back roads with them, but that the fight was mutually agreed upon between himself and the victim.

“It was fair and square... We matched up in front of everybody else [so] if anything shady [happened], I feel it’s out there,” the affidavit said.

Sanders asked if it was self defense and if Hope had been attacked, but Hope said the two had agreed to fight.

When asked where the knife was, Hope said he believed it had fallen out when the victim was being loaded back into the truck.

Sanders asked if he told the victim he was going to make him bleed, Hope stated he had told the victim to step back, but he took a second swing at him.

The victim sustained multiple stab wounds.

In addition to his charges in Izard County, Hope continues to face three counts of aggravated assault, a class D felony; felony fleeing, a class D felony and criminal mischief in the first degree, a class A misdemeanor in Sharp County.

The charges stem from an incident March 22, 2019 when Hope led officers on a high speed chase which ended in an officer involved shooting, landing Hope in the hospital.

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