“How to take great pictures with your phone” class to be held at ACNA

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

For those of you that always have your cell phone with you, the photo club is presenting, “How to take great pictures with your phone,” on Feb. 18 at the Art Center in Cherokee Village. The meeting will feature guest speaker Dave Edwards from Wisconsin. The meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. at the Art Center of Northern Arkansas (ACNA) in the Town Center of Cherokee Village.

Dave is a professional photographer from Beaver Dam, Wis. He, along with our current head of the photo club Tom Helfert, started a photo club in Beaver Dam more than 10 years ago. Dave brings a great deal of expertise in photography that he has shared with many at meetings and with students at the Moraine Park Technical Institute in Wisconsin. He also has been a judge at fair photo contests throughout Wisconsin.

He is an avid bicycle rider and found his phone was better for 40-mile rides than lugging along his SLR camera and lens. The cell phone, with its ability to capture great photos, became his go to cameral for these and other excursions. Add some interesting apps for tweeking the pictures and you end up with great photos.

The photo event is free but limited to the first 30 people. Dave asks that those attending download a free app called Snapseed. He will use this app during the presentation and you will enjoy the talk more if you have it on your cell phone. Any questions or to sign up for the class, please call Tom Helfert at 920-885-3748.

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