Best appointed to Cherokee Village SID

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Photo/ Kim Break Jim Best was appointed to the Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District Commission Feb. 17 at the Omaha Center in Cherokee Village.

The Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District (SID) appointed a third commissioner at its regular scheduled meeting Monday, Feb. 17.

Following the discussion of monthly business, Commissioners Joe Waggoner and Ron Rhodes held a brief executive session. Back in open session, Waggoner revealed Jim Best was selected to fill the vacancy, which came up after the passing of Greg Prenger.

“We had eight really good applicants. I was surprised we had that many and everyone was real qualified I thought. We really appreciate everyone who took the time to fill out an application,” said Waggoner. A motion to appoint Best was made and approved. He will officially begin his role once he has been sworn in by the county clerk.

Waggoner informed those in attendance an advisory committee will be established. “We would ask the other applicants to participate in that if they wish. We will set up the perimeters and schedule of meetings. This will be new for us and a work in progress,” he added.

Jim Best was given the opportunity to say a few words. “There is an old adage, ‘be careful what you wish for.’ In this case, I feel very privileged and I am grateful to those who submitted their resumes along with me, that was a tremendous turnout in my observation and we need that type of resource in the Village for certain. I hope we can all work together and make this a better place to be, enhance our equity, enhance personal equity and property you own. I look forward to working with the current group. We have two good commissioners and hopefully I can learn because I certainly don’t know everything, but I am certainly willing to understand and go get answers. I look forward to working with the entire community in this cause and feel very privileged to be able to do that. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.”

Prior to Best’s appointment, the meeting agenda and previous minutes were approved.

SID Manager David Webb informed the commission the backwash project for Thunderbird Pool was complete. The new system of doing that cleans the pool out and filtered water will be diverted into the sewer system. The pool at Omaha is not complete and is still a work in progress, according to Webb.

Webb also updated commissioners about soil testing. “As you know, we removed some underground storage tanks at three locations in the Village. The soil tests [from 12 inches underground] where the tanks came up, came back all clean, no fuel. Everything was good.”

The commissioners approved the 2020 budget. Income is estimated to be $2,802,384 with expenditures estimated to be $2,706,185. The full budget is posted on the SID’s website,

The Cherokee Village SID meets the third Monday of each month at 3 p.m. at the Omaha Center in Cherokee Village. Next meeting will be held Monday, March 16 at 3 p.m. at the Omaha Center in Cherokee Village.

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