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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Need to stop Medicare Part B

Hello, Toni:

My husband, John enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B when he turned 65 last September because friends had said if he does not enroll in Part B, he will get a penalty. He is fully employed with excellent employer benefits.

Last week, I spoke with a representative at the Social Security office when I went to apply for my Social Security check and asked them if he would really be penalized if he had delayed enrolling in Medicare with employer benefits. They said he would not if he provides evidence that he has maintained employer health insurance signed by my employer. The agent said he should go to the local Social Security office and ask to have his Medicare Part B removed since he is fully employed with employer benefits.

This information seems opposite to what he has been advised regarding his Medicare. Please explain what John should do to disenroll out of Medicare Part B? Sherry from Spring Branch area


Social Security gave you excellent advice about John’s Medicare. John should visit his local Social Security office and explain to the representative that he needs to have his Medicare Part B terminated due to having employer benefits and fill out form CMS-1763 or call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 to discuss his options. Social Security advises those wishing to terminate their Medicare Part B to have a personal interview at a local Social Security office. John working full-time with employer benefits is what protects anyone who wishes to delay their Medicare Part B,

Enrolling in Medicare correctly can be stressful. When you enroll in Part B the wrong way, it can cause you to not qualify medically for the Medicare Supplement you want when you leave your employer benefits. You will be in your Medigap Open Enrollment period.

There are special Medicare rules for employees or spouses who are “still working” with “true” company benefits.

The process to enroll in Medicare Part B, if you have delayed Medicare Part B is:

There are two forms available from Social Security’s website. On the top of each form write in red letters “Special Enrollment Period”. This tells the Social Security agent processing them, you are signing up at the right time and keep from giving you a penalty. You are applying for a SEP (Special Enrollment Period).

Form #1 Request for Employment Information: proof of employer group health care coverage based on current employment. If you have had two or more jobs since turning 65, then all companies you have worked for from age 65 to the time you are retiring, to sign this form. If you are married, you will need the same number of forms for you and/or your spouse filled out and signed by each company’s HR department which you have worked, proving that you and/or your spouse were covered by employer group health insurance.

Form #2 Application for Enrollment in Medicare: this is your application for medical insurance from Medicare known as Part B. Social Security fills out this form.

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