SeniorAge message to seniors and community partners

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

As we all face unprecedented challenges, SeniorAge will continue to earn the confidence of seniors, caregivers, and community partners. Following minute-by-minute guidance, we strengthen outreach to assure the highest measures of safety and service.

In addition to continued extreme-cleaning practices, on Friday, March 13 we announced the closure of our senior center locations and walk-in service sites to public access. We chose to do this for the vigilant purpose of honoring our nation’s highest standards of action, proactively reducing risk for our seniors and staff.

Even though our centers and walk-in sites are closed to the public, they will remain staffed with willing employees who assure the continuance of our home meal delivery, as well as the conduct of essential business, and the operation of open phone lines to field questions and concerns.

We are increasing our Friendly Phone Assurance program to reach out frequently to community seniors for wellness checks. Meal drivers and community volunteers who are stepping up to help us with this service are heroes.

Recently we launched a “text alert” system for all seniors. This no-cost service will allow us to reach out with immediate text alerts for health and wellbeing, as well as warnings of emerging scams that seek to take advantage of difficult times. The Greene County Senior Services Board helped us launch this service for Greene County. We are expanding it to all other counties through the generosity of other funders. If you are not on this service, please check out our website for an agreement or call one of our senior centers for guidance.

Our move to frozen home meals in past years has been a fortuitous decision. These meals are assembled from individually-quick-frozen components—placed into well-balanced full meal trays. Because the items are always frozen, this is an enormous advantage to assuring the fight against bacterial presence and growth.

Our process of meal delivery has been modified for these extraordinary days. Meal delivery will be provided without any cross-exchange. Once assured that seniors are home (by appearance at a window or closed door), meals will be left just outside the usual drop off point. This will help protect both our seniors and our delivery individuals.

In addition to home meal delivery, those seniors who have depended upon the nutrition of senior center dining will have the opportunity to “drive up” to their normal senior center for a “take home” emergency frozen meal each day. Seniors may call their local senior center for details.

As a non-profit, everything we do at SeniorAge is wrapped in the generosity and sacrifice of committed employees and volunteers. I work with extraordinary board and advisory members, community leaders, and local teams across our service area. They are the best of the best. Their courage and calmness in the face of all the jarring noise continues to be a blessing for the progress of our unfailing mission: Working together. Finding options. Bettering lives.

Through good measures of Grace, sound reasoning, and community kindness—we will one day be telling the story of the opportunities we all chose to step up to help our nation when the call for “character and integrity” presented itself at our doors.

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