Fulton County Jail closed to visitors

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Fulton County Sheriff Al Roork released the following statement on Tuesday, March 17.

“As a precaution to COVID-19, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is suspending all inmate visits from family and friends. There will be no visits from attorneys or clergy. Inmates can still make phone calls. There will no fingerprints for the public for employment or other reasons. There will be no admittance to the jail by outside agencies. No one other than an employee can enter the jail. If you have a problem or complaint, please call and speak with an officer by phone. It is vital that we protect the jail and emergency dispatch area from exposure to this virus. I appreciate everyone for your understanding on why I am taking these measures. If we all do our part, it will decrease the impact and length of time for this virus.”

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