Highland School District discusses plans for graduation

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Highland School District held another in a series of public Facebook forums April 29.

As with previous weeks, Superintendent Don Sharp began with a greeting to the public and a thanks to the hardworking staff members of the Highland School District before opening up the floor for a question and answer session.

“We appreciate you joining us... We’re here to answer any questions you may have pertaining on what is going on with the school, what we know about the future of our school system; so far what we know has been somewhat limited because like many others we wait for our direction from the government level as to what we can and cannot do,” Sharp said. “We want to utilize this time to build more unity in our school system, know what our needs are. We don’t have a whole lot of announcements this week.”

The first question posed to the district was in regards to graduation. Sharp stated there could not be an in person graduation ceremony prior to the month of July.

Jeremy Lewis stepped to the podium to provide information about graduation and the district’s plans.

“As Mr. Sharp said, the Governor announced on Saturday that schools are restricted from having traditional graduations until at least July. We’d set a tentative date for June 27, but with the announcement from the governor, we had to take a step back and pivot on that,” Lewis said.

Lewis noted a virtual graduation would be held May 15 for the senior class.

“Also included in that, we are going to try to hold a physical graduation on July 24... if the social distancing guidelines will allow us to do that at that point. Our minds are on our students. We want to do something to provide the recognition and celebration they deserve,” Lewis said. “We want to do our absolute best for our seniors. We know they have struggled with this, going forward, seniors and parents of seniors please be checking your e-mails.”

Other questions included how seniors would get diplomas, transcripts and other documents.

“We are currently working on those things and working out a procedure that will take place after May 15 for you to stop by and pick up all of your papers. That is what we know right now,” Lewis said. “We sent out an e-mail for underclassman that had instruction for scheduling next year and registering for classes.”

The traditional end of year celebrations were also discussed.

“We are currently working on putting together a virtual sports banquet and a spring uniform return. The spring uniform return and the football fundraiser pickup will be May 7 from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Hutson Center. You will return all spring uniforms,” Lewis said. “Football has some fundraising materials that need to be distributed.”

The future of sports for the upcoming school year were also addressed.

“We are making plans to have school as normal and if we get to have school as normal, hopefully we get to have all of those activities. Right now that’s what we’re making plans for,” Lewis said.

A final question answered was in regards to the final day of school.

“May 22 is the last day we have on our school calendar and that will be the day we count as our last day of school,” Sharp said. “We will be sending out information as far as wrapping things up about a week out. Kindergarten registration, we’re doing an online registration but for now if you have a child that is kindergarten age or know someone, let them know we have a link on our Facebook page you can click on and it will take you to the form.”

Forums are scheduled to be held each Wednesday at 1 p.m. for the duration of the school year.

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