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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Happy May

Hi folks, Abby here. Itís May, and we celebrate Memorial Day, which long ago was known as Decoration Day. Momís family is southern, and usually gather in Alabama on the third Sunday in May to decorate the graves of family. At the Wakefield cemetery, in Northern Alabama, thereís a grave with a metal horse raring up, and a story is told on the tombstone, where Thomas M. Wakefield rode his horse all the way to Washington D.C. to see Andrew Jackson, known as Stonewall Jackson, sworn in as President. The story is told that Andrew Jackson came through that part of Alabama and was a friend to Mr. Wakefield, momís great great great grandfather. Itís a fascinating story that we hope will continue down the family line.

Memorial Day is celebrated the third Monday in May to commemorate all the men and women who have given their lives for our wonderful country. Mom and dad bought new American flags for the Dog Park, and weíre on our way to decorate. Our Dog Park is located next to Veteranís Park, and what better way to show our respect in honoring our fallen heroes. With the country opening back up, hopefully weíll have a service at Veteranís Park on Memorial Day. When you feel itís safe, come enjoy our Dog Park, and donate, if you can, to Abbyís Dog Park, c/o City Hall, 704 W. Commerce St, Horseshoe Bend, AR 72512. See you next week. Love, ABBY.

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