Weekly Happenings at Shady Oaks Healthcare

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

By Lori Garrison

Shady Oaks hosted National Nursing Home Week but it was definitely different than years before. Social distancing was still in place this week which made it challenging but Team Shady “GOT-ER-DONE!” Residents enjoyed being able to partake in some fun this week.

Monday was Western Day. Staff was able to wear western clothes to work. Jim Cates, along with his daughter Jessica and her son, brought up some horses for our residents to see and pet. Our residents came outside for a short while to view the horses. Donnie Hall, Shirley Honeycutt, Marilynn Vanderveen, Anita Platt, Eulah Grimes, Lavern Clark and Irene Simms enjoyed petting the horses. For those who were not able to come outside, the Cates family rode by their windows and waved. Mae Austin, John Clausing, Jimmy Day and Carolee Barton sure had the biggest smiles on their faces when the horses stopped at their windows. Staff and residents also enjoyed our cookout to go along with Western Day.

Tuesday was Beach Day. We had some staff who dressed as lifeguards, beach bums and wore their Hawaiian shirts. Beach Day Bingo went well. With keeping our residents within limits of each other, they were able to play bingo in the dining room this week. Paulette Watne was our Blackout Bingo winner this week. I, along with Shelley Hollis, Misty Altermatt, Sue Forschler, and Diane Pierce, enjoyed Tuesday morning making homemade pie crusts for our upcoming pie social on Wednesday. They made 15 pies for our residents to enjoy. Thank you ladies for all you do to help our residents!

Wednesday was Favorite Sports Team Day. Staff dressed up in t-shirts of their favorite sports teams. Residents such as Paulette Watne and Eddie Carter got in on the action too and dressed up as well. Wednesday morning, we played “Finish the Phrase” which several residents enjoyed. Diane O’Mary, Traci Bennett, Russell Qualls, Peggy Flood and Kathy Phillips enjoyed participating in this game. Paulette Watne had requested a gender reveal cake to see if her daughter, Candace, was having a boy or a girl. Paulette was excited to see that the cake was blue, which means she will be getting a grandson in September! Our Pie Social was a fun event. Denzil Crews, Leon Robinson, Diane Coonce, Donna Brink and Cheryl Arthurs enjoyed the pies.

Thursday was Hippie Day. Residents and staff also enjoyed corndogs and onion rings for lunch. The Ice Cream Social took place in the afternoon. Carol Lucas, Jean Slatton, Charlotte Smith, Ray Hall, Joann Bowlin and Janice Elliot enjoyed some homemade ice cream. The ice cream really hit the spot with residents and staff. Thank you to Jerrrell Miller, Tim Amundson, Sue Forschler and Misty Altermatt for making the homemade ice cream.

Friday was Shady Day and Hat Day for residents and staff. Staff and residents could wear their Shady Oaks shirts and their favorite hats. Paulette Watne, Eddie Carter, Veronica Martin, Jessica Irwin and Dakota Burton were a few staff and residents who partook in our festivities. Friday was also our “Doggie Days.” Staff was able to bring a few of their family pets to work. Lola Neal took one of the dogs for a walk down the hallway. Earl Plested enjoyed a Corgi sitting on his lap. Mary Madden enjoyed cuddles from a German Shepherd. Mavis Arnold, Carolee Barton and Peggy Flood enjoyed petting the little Dachshund.

Fun was had by staff and residents during National Nursing Home Week. It wasn’t as big as we wanted it to be, but next year we will be back with a vengeance! Hope everyone has a great week.

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