Sharp County Courthouse now open to the public

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Sharp County Courthouse is now open to the public, with limited access.

On Tuesday, May 26, Judge Gene Moore said the courthouse was ready for business to return to some state of normalcy.

Sharp County Courthouse followed the directives closely, and closed their doors to the public mid-March. “The residents could always have called in, emailed or faxed, whatever they had available for themselves. There were some [instances] courthouse employees would meet people in the parking,” said Judge Moore. The clerk’s office continued allowing title searches. “We kept what we had to do in place

Only five individuals will be allowed in at a time and will be required to sign in when they enter, should contact tracing become necessary. “We are starting out small with the numbers and see how people do and how they handle it, and how we handle it. We can work up from there,” said Moore.

In the press release issued by Moore, it asks residents to be prepared to wait out in the weather if capacity is met. “Masks are highly recommended but not mandatory. We ask that you practice social distancing, one person per transaction if at all possible,” said the release.

Residents are asked only to come to the courthouse if they have business, not if they are coming to visit. “We aren’t letting people in to just come visit. You have to have business in the courthouse, for now,” added Moore. The main entrance will be the required entry point.

Different requirements are in effect for the sheriff’s office, jail and court system as they start back up. Please call those offices for specific details.

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