Improvements to Tohi Trail continue

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Although it has been a few weeks since the City of Cherokee Village reopened its weekly recycling events, Village Pride member and City Councilman Jerry Adams said it was a record week.

“It was the first recycling day we’d had in about two months because of the virus and the weather. It kept being delayed. We knew it would be overwhelming because it had been so long, but it was a record week,” Adams said. “It was the Kiwanis Club’s month to run the recycling, but Village Pride volunteered to bring a couple of people to help. There were about 10 volunteers all together.”

In addition to the buildup of recycling over the course of the past couple months, other things have been building up in the Village including Tohi Trail and the many improvements which have taken place.

“We have done a lot of improvements out there. We put new signage up so when you come in you will see it. We put one of our fellow councilman donated a four foot tall concrete indian so as you come onto the path where it splits you can see it. The street department installed it and it’s a nice statue,” Adams said.

Last year, various residents volunteered to create decorative quilt tiles for the restrooms which were placed on the facility, more recently, artwork has been added to the pavilion.

“The pavilion itself probably the best painting is of Trails End where there is an indian sitting slumped on a horse. That was done by Dianna Long who lives in Cherokee Village and she painted it and did an excellent job painting it,” Adams said.

Over time, many improvements have been made to the trail. From placing exercise stations to planting flowers, Adams said improvements will continue to be made.

“We have benches in there and recently through the mayor’s generosity we now have some bird houses in there to encourage the wildlife,” Adams said. “We have other plans to keep improving that and eventually would like to get some playground equipment up there. We’d applied for a grant but were denied. That is something we’re still trying to accomplish and put it by the pavilion and hopefully this year we’ll seal coat the trail itself to protect it from the weather.”

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