Planning continues for 2020 Missouri State Fair

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

As Governor Mike Parson announced last week, we are proud to host a 2020 Missouri State Fair in Sedalia on August 13-23. We see the continuation of the Missouri State Fair as part of the Governorís plan to reopen the state.†

It goes without saying that we are committed to stepping up our game on cleaning efforts to protect public health. We have purchased hand sanitizer stations, and will be ramping up our cleaning and sanitation efforts.†

Young people in agriculture work countless hours to care for their projects, whether itís livestock, vegetables, photos or something else. Livestock shows, the carnival and camping are on for 2020. The only major feature we will be removing from this yearís Fair line-up will be concerts.†

We will continue to work with sponsors, vendors, event managers and concessionaires to find a plan that works for their teams. We truly want every participant to feel safe and welcome this year.

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