Create Bridges podcast seeks businesses to participate

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Created with the goal to highlight relevant and real-life examples of Ozark foothills businesses, Create Bridges podcast is seeking businesses in Fulton, Izard and Sharp counties to participate in this project.

“Local business owners know the challenges and opportunities of their community best and highlighting their experiences will be highly beneficial to the entire region. We think this approach will foster a stronger, more interconnected business environment across the Ozark Foothills region,” said Brandon Mathews with Create Bridges, stating it will build a knowledge base everyone may learn from.

Various topics will be covered by the podcast including introducing new technology into the workforce; expanding to a new customer or client base; or identifying new ways to boost shopping local.

Mathews stated benefits to businesses will include learning valuable lessons from their peers and strategies they may not have thought were possible, but also local businesses can showcase their products and services to a larger audience.

A couple of businesses have already expressed their interest and additional businesses are being contacted to participate.

There is not a deadline for businesses to be featured on the Create Bridges podcast.

“Our work is focused on supporting retail, accommodation, entertainment and the tourism industries across the Ozark Foothills (Fulton, Izard, and Sharp counties); any businesses in those sectors are encouraged to reach out. Create Bridges is part of a larger initiative, and individuals listening to the podcast will also hear stories from business owners in our sister region (Cossatot Community Connection comprised of Little River, Howard, and Sevier counties), and hopefully gain a broader perspective to challenges and opportunities both communities face,” said Mathews.

For more information about being on the podcast, businesses may contact Mathews at or Hazelle Whited at hwhited@uax.eduf

Tentative plans are to launch the first episode this month.

“Create Bridges is a part of a multi-year initiative that will continue to support and collaborate with the Ozark Foothills region through 2021,” said Mathews.

Mathews stated the Create Bridges workforce training program is working on collaborating with higher education systems in the Ozark Foothills and 3Cs regions in addition to statewide workforce agencies to develop trainings that reflect the needs of our businesses and workforce. Examples of those needs are customer service, hospitability, career pathways and regional tourism knowledge.

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