From the Mayorís Desk

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still with us and cases in Sharp County have not ceased to be. What the cooler months of the year will bring we donít know. However, keep wearing masks, practice social distancing, and appropriate hygiene. Hopefully, the advent of a vaccine will help us turn the corner and we can approach this disease as we currently do the flu. The virus has even impacted the city staff as employees have been placed on quarantine due to exposure or for testing positive. Thus, it is important we be safe as we can be.

The City Council at its September meeting adopted an ordinance regulating the burning of yard waste and other materials. This ordinance will take effect immediately. Prior to the adoption of this ordinance our Fire Department did not have the authority to enforce regulations on burning but only could advise what the proper course of actions to take when burning. This ordinance now gives them legal authority along with our police department to enforce regulations on open burning. Not much has changed in terms of past practices for burning. However, it is important to contact the Fire Department prior to burning, not burn when weather conditions are not favorable, monitor the burn site, and have resources available to extinguish the fire. The ordinance will be posted on the city web page for you to read it in detail.

We are working on having improved communications at our monthly city council meetings. TV screens will be installed in the council chamber in order that those in attendance may view the documents that are referenced during the council meeting. Currently, those documents are posted on the city web site prior to the meeting. They will continue to be posted but with the TV monitors the audience can view reports, proposed ordinances, and other items of business as the meeting progresses.

By the time you read this column, the Fall season will have arrived in Cherokee Village bringing falling leaves and cooler temperatures. Also, as the city participates in the urban deer hunt program there will be bow hunters in the less populated areas of the city. They should have proper identification to hunt, permission to hunt in the area where located, and not be hunting within 100 yards of a building structure. Also, on October 3rd, the Village Pride Committee and King-Rhodes & Associates, Inc. will be co-sponsoring the Fall roadside pickup from 9-12. If you wish to participate in this worthy civic endeavor your help will be greatly appreciated. All items gathered during the pickup may be brought to the parking lot at King-Rhodes for disposal. The city-wide curbside pickup will be sometime in November. Information on that event will be publicized in the latter part of October. Also, any city sponsored Halloween activities that will be available will be publicized on the local radio station.