Thayer Bobcats beat Ava Bears at Thayer 43-6

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Kelly Steed

By Bob Mitchum

The Thayer Bobcats (5-1) defeated the Ava Bears (4-3) at Thayer on Oct. 9 by a score of 43-6.

The Bobcats had the only score in the first quarter. Thayer added two touchdowns in the second quarter and led 21-0 at halftime. The Bears managed 6 points in the second half and Thayer added 22 points to make the final score 43-6.

Kelly Steed

There was rain in the area before kickoff.

Ava kicked off to Thayer to start the game. The Bobcats welcomed back Quarterback Jace Haven on their first offensive play of the game. Haven had been out of action since the first play of the preseason jamboree when his collarbone was broken.

Jackson Willison got the game underway with a 12-yard run for a first down. Haven’s first pass upon his return fell incomplete. After failing to make a first down, Haven punted out of bounds.

Kelly Steed

Ava took over the football inside the 10-yard line. The Bears’ quarterback was sacked at the 3-yard line. Facing a 4 down and 14 yards to go, Ava punted. Chris Cray fielded the punted and handed Landon Madden who returned the football to Ava’s 17-yardline. Then, Haven connected with Jordan Madden on a pass for a touchdown. The point after attempt was unsuccessful, and Thayer led 6-0.

The Bears returned the kickoff to the Ava 44-yard line. Ava drove to the Bobcats’ 28-yard line. Facing a 4 down and 4 yards to go, Ava was unsuccessful to advance further when Thayer’s defense stiffened, and Thayer took over on downs at the Thayer 18-yard line. After Jordan Madden ran the football 23 yards to the Thayer 47-yard line, the first quarter ended.

Early in the second quarter, Lane Grimes took a pass from Haven away from the defender for a 34-yard touchdown. The Bobcats led 14-0 after Haven kept the ball around the right side for a two-point conversion.

Kelly Steed

Ava took the ensuing kickoff at its own twenty-yard-line, attempted a handoff and the runner was stopped in his tracks. The Bears made a first down; then, fumbled at their own 35-yard line. Thayer recovered.

Thayer seized on the opportunity, and, on the first play after the fumble, Haven found Jordan Madden with a pass that covered the 35 yards for a touchdown. Kale Willison converted the extra point, and Thayer led 21-0.

Ava successfully moved the football around midfield during the first half. The Bears had a first down at the Thayer 31-yard line. A holding call against Ava moved the football back to the Thayer 42 yard line. A offensive pass interference call stopped the Ava drive with three seconds remaining in the first half. Thayer took over, ran a play and the half ended with Thayer leading 21-0.

To open the second half, Thayer kicked off to Ava. The Bears made a first down across the 50-yard line. Then, Ava suffered a three-yard loss. A pass attempt was ruled as not being forward for another loss for seven yards. Ava punted.

Ava recovered its punt on the Thayer 28-yard line. After a penalty and a loss on an option play, on fourth down and four, Thayer almost intercepted a pass. Thayer took over on downs.

Facing 4th down and 9, Thayer punted, and Ava took over on its 35.

Landon Madden recovered a fumble on Ava’s 26-yard line. Jordan Madden and Jackson Willison carried the football down to inside the five-yard line. Haven completed a pass to Jordan Madden for a touchdown. Kale Willison added the extra point, and Thayer led 28-0 with one minute left in the third quarter.

Thayer kicked off and Ava returned the football to the Ava 45-yard line. A penalty on the play moved the football to the Thayer 37-yard line. Chris Cray intercepted a pass and returned the football to the Thayer 22-yard line. Later, Thayer punted, and Ava had the football on the Thayer 48-yard line. Ava made a first down. Chris Cray almost picked off another Ava pass. Then, the Ava quarterback found a seam and rambled 36 yards weaving his way into the end zone. The running extra point attempt ended up just short of the end zone, and Thayer led 28-6.

On the Ava kickoff, the Bobcats made a double handoff for 20 yards to the Thayer 46-yard line. On a handoff from Haven, Jordan Madden had an explosive 39-yard run. A face mask penalty advanced the football further down the field to the Ava 8-yard line. A fumbled snap resulted n a loss to the Ava 11-yard line. Jackson Willison ran the football in for a touchdown. A bad snap on the extra point kick attempt resulted in successful two-point conversion, and Thayer led 36-6.

Thayer kicked off to the Bears 20-yard line with Ava taking passion there. A fumble/take-away by Thayer at the 14-yard line gave Thayer the football deep in Ava territory. Jackson Willison advanced the football to the 2-yard line. Haven ran a keeper and scored. The point after kick attempt by Kale Willison was successful, and the final score was 43-6.

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