Republican candidate Matthews seeks re-election to Fulton County Quorum Court

Thursday, October 15, 2020
Ray Matthew

I, Ray Matthews, am honored to announce my Republican candidacy for Justice of the Peace re-election on the Fulton County Quorum Court.

My wife Sherry and I, both born and raised in Arkansas, live just east of Agnos in District 7, which includes the area around Agnos, Camp and Heart.

We own and operate Silver Senior Services, an independent living community for the elderly, as well as Room Mates, an elderly residential home car in our own home, as well as a small cattle and horse farm.

My retirement of 33 years from the railroad's engineering department affords me the opportunity to be of service to you and Fulton County. My qualifications are supervision of maintenance, construction of track, roadbeds, bridges, buildings and drainages. I am always willing to share this experience in any way the county is willing to let me help.

It is time to change the politics on the Fulton County Quorum Court and install a Conservative majority which better represents the values of our friends and neighbors living in Fulton County.

I am a life member of the National Rifle Association for over 30 years; pro-gun rights, pro-life and my Republican party is pro-God, unlike my opponent's party which has removed all references to God from their platform.

My party stands with law enforcement, for the flag, believes America is the greatest place to live, opposes kneeling for anything but God and rejects the new Democrat platform. Our quorum court must do the same to help protect our rights as citizens locally.

I understand the Democrat party values have changed, this may be your first time voting for a Republican for county office, but it's now time to make that change. I am asking for your vote and appreciate your vote, for Ray Matthews, JP, District 7.

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