Mississippi man in custody after shooting at a local Sharp County establishment

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Wesson, Miss. man was taken into custody and held at the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department Oct. 18 after he discharged a firearm at a local establishment.

According to an affidavit for the warrant of arrest of Todd Sharak, 49, Sharp County Dispatch received a call reporting a shooting which occurred in Sharp County at The Pub near Hardy.

Witnesses stated a male named Todd, later identified as Todd Sharak, had come into the business looking for a man named Tim Johnson.

During this time, Sharak was told there was no one at the location by that name and an argument ensued between Sharak and an occupant of The Pub.

The victim stated he and his friend had exited the establishment to try to talk to Sharak, calm him and encourage him to leave the property.

Once outside the door, the two were standing in front of the entry to The Pub when Sharak pointed a handgun at the men.

The victim stated two shots were fired and Sharak entered his vehicle and left the scene.

No one was injured during the shooting.

Detective Cham Buchanan advised dispatch to issue a surrounding county “Be on the Lookout” for a gray Kia Soul.

A while later the same evening, it was reported Sharak had been located and apprehended by deputies in Lawrence County.

Sharak was initially located by two good samaritans who had stopped to check on a vehicle which was pulled to the side of the roadway with flashers going.

As the good samaritans approached the vehicle, Sharak brandished his firearm and told them to leave.

He is currently being held at the Sharp County Jail awaiting the filing of formal charges of two counts aggravated assault, a class D felony.

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