From the Mayor:

Covid-19 cases continue to decline in our area but the new variant which has arisen has not reached us. There are still questions as to how serious the new variant may be and how effective the vaccine is against it. Also, questions are being raised about the need for an additional booster. Again, consult with your primary health provided before making decisions about your personal well-being.
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Arkansas’s Example for Workforce Development Success

During the in-state work period I had the opportunity to travel across the state and meet with hardworking Arkansans, small business owners and local leaders. No matter where I was, the topics of concern were the same: border security, skyrocketing inflation, high cost of energy and labor shortages. These economic challenges gripping the nation are impacting families, businesses and communities and we’re all making adjustments.
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Capitol Week in Review

The Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Board is one of the smallest and least known state agencies, but it helps thousands of people every year. Last year the board awarded claims to 1,900 crime victims, 1,335 were victims of sexual assault and 565 were victims other crimes.
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