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Thursday, June 5, 2008


We made it through our first week with our new Web site, but it seemed at times the site was unavailable more often than it was up and going. I've been assured this is normal as we go through a period of terminating the bugs that keep popping up and that it is not something that will happen on a regular basis. So, if you were among those who couldn't get on the site last week, please keep trying -- IT WILL GET BETTER.

We have some new bloggers this week.

Terrah Baker is an intern at the newspaper. Terrah has been teaching us through example (and shame) to recycle our scrap paper here in the office. I think you're going to enjoy what she has to say.

Jody Shackelford is a reporter for The News. Jody will have a lot to say about a lot of things ... makes sense if you know Jody.

Helga Lange, who works with public relations for Friends of Spring River Animal Shelter is starting a blog this week and we welcome her. She is dedicated to helping a budding but struggling local animal shelter get as many animals adopted as possible, educating the public about the needs of the shelter and working closely with community organizations and the public to raise funds, promote spay and neuter programs and responsible pet ownership.

Terry Mullins, our sports editor, is also online. I'm sure he'll have a few things to say about the sports world and probably music (he likes the Blues) -- should be interesting.

Bret Burquest, a former columnist for The News, is also a part of the Blog community. Bret has a wide range of topics he likes to write about. Check it out.

Keep checking the Web site as we keep adding more people and more things.

The results from last week's poll question was interesting and conservative, in my opinion. I think we're going to see the price of gas head toward the double-figure amount. I hope I'm wrong, but something will have to change to stop this rape of American taxpayers. The question was: How much do you think we will be paying for gasoline, per gallon, this time next year? 35% of you said at least $5 gallon; 30% said $6 gallon; 24% said at least $7 gallon; and 11% said $4 gallon. I'll hang on to these results and see how close we get next year. There's a new question posted for your vote -- go look.


Don't forget to VOTE in the run-off election on June 10. There are two Fulton County races to be decided -- the sheriff and the assessor. Four good men are running for these two positions. Go out and support your choice for each office by voting.

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