“Stop the Cycle” creates opportunity to voice concerns

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Around town last week, flyers were being distributed for a “Stop the Cycle: Spay/neuter assistance” meeting to be held on Saturday, Sept. 7.

Sharon Campbell Tinin, one of three women responsible for organizing the meeting, spoke with The News about the reasons why these individuals are coming together to talk about this topic.

For Tinin, it all started with her baby Kane. They acquired their new pup, but when it came time to pay to have him neutered, that proved a little difficult for her family. Luckily through the power of social media, she was able to raise the funds to have him neutered, but her situation made her think about the rest of those in Fulton County who aren’t able to have their pet spayed or neutered due to the cost.

Though not exactly sure what they can offer, Tinin and her friends organized the meeting to see how interested others in the community were about the same issue. The flyer said, “committing to caring for cats and dogs by creating a spay and neuter program in our area.”

The most important issue of all, is becoming an official nonprofit 501c3, in order to operate correctly and efficiently. As a result of the meeting Saturday, officers and board members were established and bylaws and mission statement, along with group guidelines will be presented at the next meeting, which will be Saturday, Sept. 21.

The organization will be setting up booths at local upcoming community events. They are also already collecting items and donations for a silent auction which will be scheduled at a later date. The plans are to also have a spaghetti dinner on the same night as silent auction to raise funds for the main goal: to assist people with spaying or neutering their pets through of vouchers.

Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals and Friends of Cherokee Animals have also been helping in this endeavor, and sharing important tips with the group’s creators. The next meeting will be Saturday, Sept. 21 at 4 p.m. at the Salem United Methodist Church (basement).

To become involved with the group, attend the third Saturday of the month meetings at Salem UMC, or join the group on Facebook by searching “Stop the Cycle! Spay/Neuter Assistance group.

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