Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Thursday, July 2, 2020

My name is Sandy Zeigler. I am a member of the first senior class of Highland High School; therefore, I would like to inform those of you who don’t know the background. I am sure the number is extremely high.

When it was decided to consolidate the Hardy and Ash Flat school systems, the majority of our parents, grandparents (mine included) and others were very much against it. Because Hardy and Ash Flat were very much rivals, they just knew we would try to kill each other.

Us kids, on the other hand, were very excited about it. WOW- a brand new school all under one roof!! Because we were in favor of the consolidation, we were called renegades, traitors, rebels and much more since we were against the “establishment” or the “old guard.” Thus the name Rebels caught hold as it seemed less offensive than the other names we were called.

There was absolutely no racism even thought about with the Rebel name. Seniors loved being in the new school with both school systems combined. We all had a great and fun year. Mr. Hutson gave us, the senior class, credit for everything going so smoothly with the transition as we meshed so well together, the underclassmen followed suit.

Have any of you who want that to change the name Rebel ever stopped to think just how much money it would cost to change that name? Obviously not! To change the Rebel name on EVERYTHING would mean hundreds of thousands of dollars. Highland School District DOES NOT have that kind of money to spend on such a senseless waste of tax payer dollars!

We have such a pleasant, tranquil and peaceful 4-quad city plus all of the many, many surrounding miles that the Highland School District encompasses. We all have our own religions, politics and beliefs, but everyone RESPECTS each other.

With so many terrible things already going on in our country now, why would anyone want to create more upheaval, unrest, division and chaos?

I beg you PLEASE give this MUCH prayerful thought and consideration before a can of worms is opened that may lead to more than you ever thought.

I pray earnestly and daily for our country always!


Sandy Zeigler

Highland, Ark.